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We've always found the best way to work through a potential in-law problem is to badmouth said in-law to TMZ, which is what Steven Tyler's family appears to be doing in the wake of reports that he's engaged to longtime love Erin Brady.

On Monday, Brady, 38, a former tour accountant for Aerosmith, flashed a behemoth sparkler on her all-important finger as she and Tyler, 63, posed with fans at an airport in Hawaii.

A source close to the twice-divorced, rebabbed rocker confirms the engagement to TMZ, although it remains unknown whether he proposed to his girlfriend of seven years during their Christmas getaway to Maui.

Tyler's rep remains mum on the betrothal rumblings, which probably isn't a bad idea given the family fallout.

Seems several members of the Tyler clan are "furious" over the news because they don't care for Brady, telling friends she's "just not nice."

Snipes a source to TMZ, "She's just been mean to the family."

Tyler's fam is also supposedly annoyed that he didn't fill them in on his question-popping plans until after the deed was done, which got their noses bent out of joint.

The disgruntled family members were apparently hoping for a détente with Erin, but now believe that the "American Idol" judge "has only widened the divide" by not running the proposal by them.

No word on which Tyler relations are allegedly annoyed; Steven's daughter, Mia, tweeted a "no comment" when asked about the rumors (by the by, Brady is only four years older than Mia's big sister, Liv).

In a sit-down on "Oprah's Next Chapter" airing on Jan. 1, Tyler and Brady talk about how she persuaded him to settle down.

"I saw how he behaved ... badly," recalled Erin. "But I said, 'Hey listen, if you play it, I'm gonna play it. ... I just want to make that clear to you.' And he didn't really like it when he was on the other side of that scenario."

For Tyler, his goal is simply not "to hurt another human being."

"There was some behavior I am ashamed of and I shouldn't have done," he says. "I don't want to hurt anybody again. For all the divorces I've had, I hurt those girls deeply."


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