A Facebook user known as "Paz" says he crashed Paris Hilton's recent 30th birthday party and his misdeeds didn't stop there -- he claims he also stole her elaborate three-tiered birthday cake!

He starts a Facebook post, "I woke up this morning with a $2000 birthday cake in my living room."

Paz claims that a friend invited him to crash Paris' birthday party, and after she blew out the candles on one cake, he noticed no one was eating a second cake. Paz claims he asked a waiter what would happen to the cake, and the waiter replied that it would most likely be thrown out.

The Facebook user, who claims he was drunk, writes, "It was at this inebriated moment I decided no one was going to waste $2000 worth of anything on my watch."

The writer says he picked up the cake, gave up a purposeful nod to a passing security guard, and walked right out with it.

Paz posted photos on Facebook, one showing Paris blowing out birthday candles, and another showing a three-tiered cake reading "Paris," presumably in Paz's living room.

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