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By Kat Giantis

The surprisingly nasty custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry over nearly 3-year-old daughter Nahla has quieted down in recent days, but could that soon change?

TMZ reports the Canadian model is unhappy with the Oscar winner's plans to leave Los Angeles to star opposite Samuel L. Jackson in the Broadway production of "The Mountain Top," which is set to debut in the fall and would run for about four months.

He's supposedly prepared to head back to court over the extended relocation, despite a judge's decision last week allowing Halle to take Nahla to New York while she films "New Year's Eve."

Speaking of that sure-to-be scintillating rom-com, RadarOnline reports that Aubry has decided to follow Berry to NYC in order to take care of their daughter during the week-long shoot.

"He has put his career temporarily on ice, canceled a couple of projects he had booked, and plans on concentrating full time on being with Nahla," says a source. "The agreement at the moment is that Gabriel will be primary caregiver to Nahla during the time Halle is working, but nothing is set in stone, or agreed in writing, so we will have to just see how that goes."

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Meanwhile, Aubry's friends are speaking out about the mud that's been flung his way during the dispute.

"I think he was shocked by how Halle came at him," a pal tells E! Online. "He's just not that way, [and] the whole thing really took him by surprise."

Posits the source, "I think maybe Halle's used to having guys treat her badly, so she sort of just assumes that's going to happen and starts treating whichever guy she's with that way. But I don't think he did [treat her badly]."

What he did do, notes the insider, is go on a very public date with Kim Kardashian, who apparently didn't want to get dragged into their problems.

"Kim was so out of there the minute Halle sprung into action over [Gabriel] dating her," says the source. "She said, 'No way, I'm not doin' this.'"

Despite the drama, Berry remains hot and heavy with Olivier Martinez, who apparently doesn't scare easily. On Wednesday night, the pair cozied up at a Dior-sponsored pre-Oscar bash at the Chateau Marmont (click through the pics at left to see the pair posing at the event).

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