@hilariabaldwin / Instagram 1 / 11
@hilariabaldwin / Instagram 1 / 11

Yoga, it does a body good. Hilaria Baldwin's baby bump is growing and mama still looks stunning.

A very pregnant Hilaria posted a selfie showcasing her belly on June 3 and she wasn't afraid to keep it sexy, donning lingerie for the snap.

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"Another every two week pic ... a bit bigger!" she wrote. "A little blue for my #BaldwinBabyBump ... got a few more pics of these to go before señorito is born!"

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The baby boy will be the second child for Hilaria and her husband, Alec Baldwin. The 31-year-old yoga instructor is due in July.

Some people, it seems, were confused by Hilaria's post, thinking she implied she's due in two weeks, so the flexible yoga addict clarified her comments in a follow up post.

"Just realized how the last Instagram sounded … more than another two weeks left," she wrote. "I meant: another every two week pic. Sorry for the confusion." She then promised a few more pregnancy photos before she gives birth.

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Hilaria has been documenting her pregnancy through social media, sharing with her 120,000 Instagram followers, since very early on.