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By Mary S. Park

Rapper-turned-actor Ice-T busts perps as Detective Fin on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and off the clock, he's equally gangsta. Tracy Marrow aka Ice-T chatted with Wonderwall exclusively at the Baby Phat show on September 15 and gave us his take on the Kayne West/Taylor Swift VMAs fiasco, while his wife Coco revealed her most dire wardrobe malfunction fears.

Ice-T on Kayne West commandeering Taylor Swift's microphone during her acceptance speech:

"She deserved her award and it was her moment. I just believe in respecting people's stage time. You could be my best friend, but when I'm in the middle of a show, don't grab my mic. C'mon man. It is a thing called letting someone having their moment. I'm a fan of him, but stay in your seat."

Ice-T on what he would have done if Kayne tried to take his mic:

"I'd have knocked him out! He wouldn't have taken it from me. He wouldn't have came up on the stage and pulled the mic out of Ice-T's hand. That ain't happening."

Gazing into Ice-T's steely glint, we thoroughly believe his assertion. West better steer clear of this Original Ganster if he values his consciousness.

Ice-T on theories that try to explain Kayne West's outrageous behavior:

"I don't think it's a mystery, Kayne's known for this kind of stuff."

Ice-T on fallout from the debacle and how to spin a scandal:

"This one might turn around and bite him in the ass. I think people are kind of fed up. I think to say, 'I'm sorry, I was drunk,' would have been his best apology."

Word is bond.

Meanwhile, backstage the MAC PRO team may have beautifully transformed the fierce Baby Phat runway models, but Wonderwall was equally mesmerized by the maquillage and style of Ice-T's wife, Coco.

Coco on how dresses to prepare for wardrobe malfunctions:

"I stress out! I've had a couple of heels break, but I got to turn back around and change my heels. No, I'm not coming on the red carpet heel-less. I'd rather go home and not be seen."

Coco Oon why she must always appear flawless at public events:

"Coco stands for something. I'm coming out with my own shoe line, so I 've got to stand for that. I can't be there with my feet out. I recover. I usually have a safety pin in my purse. If a strap comes out, I pin it out. I make it work. I don't want to end the night because my strap broke."

Indeed, ending the night because of a broken strap would be a tragedy -- although depending on what kind of strap it was, it could also be a great photo opp for the paparazzi.

Anyway, after chatting a while with this hip-hop power couple, we got to thinking: Let's nominate a new "It" twosome. We'll call them "Ice-Coco" and drink up their delicious sound bytes and eye-catching photographs. Kanye and Amber better watch their backs.

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