Violet Grey / . 1 / 9
Violet Grey / . 1 / 9

How revealing! January Jones is showing almost all of herself, going topless for Violet Grey's The Violet Files.

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The "Mad Men" actress looks ravishing in the photos, most of them clothed, but it's the black and white pictorial that shows her long hair covering her breasts that has everyone talking.

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"I was at my most confident as a kid," she told to the magazine. "It actually wasn't until I got into high school and started to get quote-unquote pretty that my confidence started to disappear. So I want to give the message that girls can be proud and self-assured no matter what funky haircut they have."

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Many of the photos feature January without makeup, which is just fine by her.

"I feel sexy and vulnerable when I have no makeup on," she said. But, she's also not opposed to makeup either, saying, "It's like you've put your armor on for the day."