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Apparently Jewel wasn't the squeaky-clean girl we all thought she was in the '90s.

In her new book, "Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story," the songstress reveals that she had a relationship with Sean Penn and reveals how Tupac Shakur was so smitten with her that he invited her on his fatal Las Vegas trip.

In 1995, she reveals that she began dating Sean, who was much older than her, after he saw her on TV. Originally, he called her to ask if she would compose a song for an upcoming movie. Then, though, it got to be more than a working relationship. He began whisking her away to events in Europe and she felt like "Cinderella going to the ball."

The known bad boy was a "total sweetheart," she said, adding that the breakup was "hard" for her. At the time she had yet to truly find fame.

Once she did, though, it was a windfall for a lot of people, especially her mother, who also acted as Jewel's manager. Her mother's frivolous spending put Jewel millions of dollars in debt.

"My mom lived like a rock star," she claims. "She flew in yoga instructors from Hawaii and took jets everywhere."

Jewel cut off all communication with her mother in 2003, but it still stings. "I can't tell you the tears I've cried to see who my mom really is," she wrote. "I can't tell you about the pain, and how my heart to this day screams to have a mom in my life. But I know that is it not safe with her."

As her popularity was rising, Jewel even came across a well-known rapper in 1996, a man by the name of Tupac.

"He was apparently taken with me because he stopped in his tracks and gave me an electric stare that was hard to mistake," she says, adding that he asked her to accompany him and his crew to Las Vegas. Jewel said no and the legendary rapper was shot and later died just days later.

For all the ups and downs, it seemed that Jewel had found her "happily ever after" in rodeo pro Ty Murray. The couple wed in 2008 and had a son, Kase, three years later. For as happy as the under-the-radar couple seems on the surface, their union was privately cracking. In 2014, the couple shocked fans when they announced a separation. The split, she said, is "heartbreaking" and "the loss of a dream."

Jewel even admitted, "The shock was staggering."

"We worked hard on our relationship. But it became evident to me that while we loved each other dearly, we were hurting our love, not building it," she writes, "and we did not want that to be what our son grew up to see."

She is still trying to move on. "Ty and I are both committed to being great parents and finding our way with love. I am healthy. I have a job that I love."