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With his wife locked up, Joe Giudice has been breaking the vows of his marriage, according to a new report and some explosive photos.

In Touch magazine is reporting that Joe Giudice has been hooking up with a 30-year-old named Jamie Jackson and that he "spent weeks wooing" her after meeting at a dinner one evening.

The two eventually hooked up in a hotel room in Atlantic City, the magazine said, furthering its claim with photos of the duo looking awfully cozy.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star has denied the claim, but his explanation of his relationship with Jamie is a bit sketchy.

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Joe and Jamie were spotted "full-on making out' in the Tropicana hotel, one eyewitness told the magazine of their rendezvous , adding, "They were chugging margaritas and seemed drunk out of their minds."

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Afterward, the two moved into a hotel room with another couple, In Touch says.

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The magazine claims it reached out to Joe, who initially denied knowing Jamie before admitting that she was "with a friend of mine. Maybe I had an arm around her [at a restaurant]." Asked about the photos that appear to show the two of them in a hotel room, he explained, "Um, we were at a business meeting."

This report comes just a few days after Joe's sister-in-law Melissa Gorga said he's "manning up" while Teresa is in prison on fraud charges.