Julie Bowen is a happy mother of three in real life and on ABC's Modern Family -- and that's exactly how she wants to keep it.

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"Immaculate conception is the only way another kid is coming out of me!" Bowen, 41, joked at David Yurman's 20th Anniversary Celebration of P.S. Arts in West Hollywood Tuesday. "I love my children, but no mas!"

For now, Bowen is busy looking at potential kindergartens for her son Oliver, 4. "I don't have a clue what I'm doing!" she told Us Weekly. "But I have to say, we're so fortunate -- you're choosing between gold and platinum. All these schools are amazing, so he'll be fine."

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Unlike her ABC alter ego Claire Dunphy, Bowen assured Us she won't become over-involved at her son's school.

"I was class mom at the preschool one year and I was pretty much asked not to do that again!" she recalled. "I would set up meetings for all the moms in class and forget to show up -- not because I'm a dingbat, but because schedule changes. It turns out that's a full time job! I thought class mom made a phone call once a year. No, no, no! It's a daily job!"

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What about her 2-year-old twins John and Gus? "I'm madly in love," she told Us. "I want to eat them alive they're so yummy right now!"

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