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Matt Harbicht / 1 / 17

Amie and Jolie Sikes once had $2,000, an old pickup truck and a vision for turning everyday junk into a thriving business. Their dream became a reality through their Texas-based Junk Gypsy Company which has since spawned a "Junk Gypsies" reality-TV show (produced by Whalerock Industries, the same company that produces Wonderwall).

Season 2 is currently airing on Great American Country, and the sisters chatted with WW about the new episodes, working with "Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson and staying true to who they are. "Junk Gypsies" airs at 8 p.m. Thursdays on GAC.

Wonderwall: Congratulations on the new season. How has the show changed from the first season?

Amie: "What's different this season from last is that last season was so much more design-oriented because it aired on HGTV. Now that we are on Great American Country, it's still design and DIY, but it's more focused on what we really do as a family and as a business. So for us, this season is closer to our heart because you follow along with our family and all the girls who work here at Junk Gypsy who make Junk Gypsy run and what it takes to make that happen from being in a barn and digging around in old junk to getting on conference calls with Pottery Barn Teen to meeting with celebrities to do special events for them -- it spans the gamut."

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WW: That sounds much more personal. Did you have any reservations about opening up your lives and the inner-workings of your family for the show?

Jolie: "We didn't have many reservations about that because we have such an amazing crew and production team. And this really is the show that we always wanted to do because Junk Gypsy … is so much more than a T-shirt on a shelf or a website or anything; it's a lifestyle and an experience. For us, all of the things that make up Junk Gypsy are in this new season -- from family to country to getting your hands dirty to digging in the barn to being on the road. All of that is rolled into one series."

WW: This new season also follows you as you open your retail store in Round Top, Texas. How has your life changed since the shop has opened?

Amie: "We are chasing our tails right now. You kind of do what I've done this week; I've been in the barn all week just completely shirking my responsibilities. There's no free time at all. We just have to say this is happening and try not to worry about the stuff that is not happening because we are out junking. We have to stay true to who we are."

WW: You're also opening an inn called Wander Inn. Tell me about the growth of your Junk Gypsy business?

Amie: "I keep saying this, but we really did start this business with $2,000 out of our back pocket with an old truck. We didn't even take out a loan, and now we're doing a few million dollars per year. It's all because we believed in what we were doing and worked our a---- off and made a few smart business decisions along the way -- and made up for a few bad ones. … We went from starting out with just the two of us for years and now there are 10 people working here and two seamstresses working out of their houses. It's a pretty cool deal now."

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WW: You have a special guest star this season, Sadie Robertson from "Duck Dynasty." What was it like to work with her?

Jolie: "That episode airs July 10. We are good friends with the Robertson family and we did Sadie's Sweet 16 birthday party a year ago. So when the new season rolled around, we wanted to collaborate with the Robertsons again. Sadie has already launched a prom dress line and she's wanted to launch more lines, so she wanted to collaborate with us on a design for a T-shirt. We did a whole episode with Sadie, Korie's mom Chrys Howard and Sadie's little sister, Bella."

WW: What else can viewers expect to see during this new season?

Amie: "The biggest thing that has ever happened to us in our whole career with Junk Gypsy is Pottery Barn Teen asked us to do a collaboration with them. They walked in our store -- they had never heard of Junk Gypsy and they literally walked in our store and asked if they could do a collaboration with us. So we did and it's Junk Gypsy for PB Teen and it launches in September. You can see a teaser on their website now. The episode featuring Pottery Barn airs on July 31. That was a huge deal for us and the collection is going to be amazing."

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