Carter Smith / Allure 1 / 11
Carter Smith / Allure 1 / 11

That makeup free look that had everyone talking about Kerry Washington's November Allure cover? Not so makeup free after all.

"I do have some makeup on," the "Scandal" star said on "The View" Monday. "I want to be honest because I think it is unfair when we tell women they should look like something that is not real. So I do have some makeup on. Just enough."

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In the Allure issue, Kerry also made headlines by saying she was a "recovering perfectionist."

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"As women, we want to be perfect," she said, elaborating on her previous comments. "I'm also an only child and I'm very aware of how people see me."

She continued, "I remember when I was in college someone told me that self-reliance was a character flaw. I thought, 'What do you mean?' I thought that's what the goal in life was, to do everything perfectly on your own. It has been a really important lesson for me in life to ask for help and just let myself be who I am."

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Kerry Washington also admitted that she has some concerns about "Scandal" fans who tell her they want to be "just like Olivia Pope."

"I always say, 'Well, that's OK if you mean everything except sleeping with married men and just drinking wine and eating popcorn,'" she quipped. "If you want to dress like her, you want to talk like her, all that is fine."