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Family love… and a lot of it! Rob Kardsahian seems to prefer his privacy, but his family is going public with their affection for him on his 28th birthday.

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The famous reality TV family hit up Twitter and Instagram with celebratory and fun-filled messages. But it was Khloe Kardashian who really tugged at the heartstrings and gave us a slight glimpse into Rob's state of mind.

"Never will I ever meet another man as great as you! I know this is the year where you will find your happiness again! I will be right by your side, holding your hand, every step of the way!!!" she captioned an Instagram snap of the two of them together from a previous celebration. "I adore you my one and only brother!! Happy Happy Happy birthday!!"

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Many believe that Rob's unhappiness stems from his struggles with weight. Over the last year, he has taken himself entirely out of the spotlight (he rarely even tweets or Instagrams) and hasn't been seen publicly since shortly after he fled Kim Kardashian West's Italian wedding in May of 2014. The family, Kim included, has certainly moved past that and simply wants the best for him.

"I love you so much and can't wait to share so many more memories with you," Kim captioned an image from Rob's 25th birthday in Las Vegas.

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Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner also got in on the action, saying how much she loved her son and that his smile can "light up any room and a million hearts." She, too, got a little emotional in her Instagram tribute.

"You have experienced great sadness, overcome adversity and also enjoyed success beyond measure ... but the best is yet to come," Kris Jenner posted in a long birthday message. "You are a kind delicious human being who cares deeply for others. Stay close to God and your family always...I wish you a very happy birthday Robbo! I wish for you joy, peace in your heart, health, happiness, and the sound of your beautiful laughter...you are a huge part of my heart and I love you."

Here's to 28, Rob!