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Lamar Odom is still in critical condition and is not out of the woods yet. New reports reveal that the troubled athlete suffered a dozen strokes, which have seriously affected his motor functions.

According to TMZ, doctors have performed a series of brain scans and discovered that the 35-year-old had a multitude of strokes that may have affected his ability to walk and talk.

It is likely that Lamar will have to endure months of physical therapy, but it is not known at this time whether or not he will be able to fully recover.

The site also reports that the former reality star has had a major kidney failure and is currently on six hours of dialysis a day.

Lamar, who was rushed to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas on Oct. 13 after being found unconscious after a four-day bender at a brothel, is currently being treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, Calif.