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Comb the Internet for a few minutes and you'll see gossip columns claiming Lauren Conrad is either dating Derek Hough, Corey Monteith or Colton Haynes, but as she'll tell you, don't believe everything you read.

"The Internet lies to you," Conrad joked to Wonderwall at Hyde Lounge in West Hollywood on Nov. 23.

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Regardless of which guy is lucky enough to earn the title of boyfriend (and for the record, Hough was giving it his best effort at Hyde that night) Conrad says she has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. At the top of her list are her friends, which is why the former star of "The Hills" spent the night before Thanksgiving supporting her pal, DJ Jilly Hendrix who was spinning at Hyde.

"Jilly and I have been friends since Kindergarten," she tells Wonderwall. "It's really exciting to watch her progress in her career. She's very talented and has excellent taste in music. To watch her get better and better each time is very exciting. She's very good. I'm so proud of her."

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It was a jam-packed holiday for Conrad, who spent Thanksgiving with her family and then Friday at a "leftovers and cocktails party." Even with the busy schedule, it's a time of year that Conrad -- who does a lot of the cooking -- really enjoys.

"My favorite thing to make is the stuffing," she said. "I look forward to it every year. There's really a very specific time that you can justify eating stuffing, so I'm very excited for it. You can't eat stuffing in July. It's weird if you do."

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The one thing Conrad didn't do over the long weekend was shop… at stores at least.

"I'm terrified of Black Friday," she said. "All my shopping is done online. I like to buy things that people won't buy for themselves, and I like to do something that's a little bit personal - like something engraved or just something I know they'll enjoy."

After Thanksgiving, it's back to work for Conrad, who has a beauty book and a fourth novel in the works, as well as a clothing line and several websites to run. Hard-pressed for free time, she says that when it comes to a social life, "you just make it work," and she credits friends like Jilly Hendrix for making it all possible.

"I work with a really amazing team," she said. "I have amazing people around me and I have really supportive friends who will never make me feel guilty for being busy."

With her growing career, Conrad says she also does a lot of on-the-job learning. These days, she's into etiquette, and had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth Post, the granddaughter of etiquette master Emily Post. She's parlayed her knowledge into every day use, like say, dating.

"You shouldn't have your cell phone out on the table," she said of proper dating etiquette. "You should always do the reach when the check comes, but it is proper etiquette for a man to purchase the girl's [drinks or meal.] A lot of the rules are a little more old school, so we kind of interpreted all of the old etiquette into modern day."

So, Derek Hough, if you're reading this take notes. Lauren Conrad knows what she wants.