Mark Ruffalo's experience shooting The Avengers was unlike any of his castmates.

To bring the larger-than-life Hulk to life, the actor, 44, shot most of his scenes wearing a motion capture suit. The costume's snug fit didn't leave much to the imagination, according to Ruffalo.

"That was my first day [on set] and that was a miserable day. It was smoky, it was hell and I felt really uncomfortable," he tells Slash Film. "I'm not well-endowed, and those suits don't really show you off in the most [flattering way]."

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When he shot his scenes as the mortal Bruce Banner, Ruffalo felt a little left out standing next to his suited up costars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Renner.

"I'm like, 'Where's my costume, man? This sucks.' Yeah, they all looked dope, they're all ripped up, and I'm there in this not very flattering little linen suit. I'm thinking, 'Wow, this is the team and here I am total outsider.' But I think that really works for Banner and I think it really works for Banner in this particular story."

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The superhero was previously played by Eric Bana (in Hulk) and Edward Norton (in The Incredible Hulk), and Ruffalo hopes his role in The Avengers will make it possible for him to star in his own Marvel movie.

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"I was a comic book kid and I really always loved the Hulk, and then when that show came on, I would not miss that," Ruffalo tells Slash Film. "To make a very short answer long, I'd love for him to do his own movie."

The Avengers is in theaters May 4.

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