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Not only is Matthew McConaughey the perfect guy's guy, he's also one helluva ladies man. Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd and Penelope Cruz are but a few of the notable babes the Texan Longhorn has bagged over the years (not counting those Lance Armstrong rumors).

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His latest movie, "The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past," co-starring Jennifer Garner, sounds a little like art immitating life -- until you remember that the laidback actor and his baby mama/Brazilian model/new "Shear Genius" host Camila Alves are new parents to a nine-month-old son, Levi.

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Elle Magazine recently sat down with McConaughey to get the update on the 39-year-old's new, grown-up lifestyle. But, they -- and we -- quickly realized the first-time dad is pretty much the same good 'ol boy he's always been. Check out some choice excerpts from the interview...

On Sex Ed:

"From checking out 'Playboy' I always thought -- jeezum, we still don't have a better word for it than vagina, do we? -- I thought it was behind the pubic hair, and it faced horizontal. You know, east/west, not south. So the first time I got to third base, man, I was hunting for a long time ... it took about an hour to find."

On Weird Celebrity Kid Names:

"[Call] him Jose Cuervo? No. I wouldn't dare try to compete with [my brother] Rooster [who named his son Miller Lyte McConaughey]. Now he's got a daughter coming, and I think her name is going to be Margarita. I'm serious."

On Big Girls:

"I see it more with black women, who get dressed up and they're wearin' everything to fit snug, and they're walking the walk. And you're like, Man, look at you go! Where did you get that? She might be a larger package, but boy, she sure understands how she's wrapped."

On Fighting A Grizzly:

"I believe right as that grizzly gets to you, he's going to rear up, open his paws, and come down on you. You're going to have to shoot the gap, go in straight to the chest, and take your bowie knife to the gut and pull up through the rib cage. If it's a death shot, that grizzlys going to fall on you. The real trouble's going to be getting out from under it ... I have dreams about this kind of sh*t."

Judging by this interview, it sounds like Matt's campaigning for the next celebrity guest spot on Discovery Channel's "Man vs. Wild." Either that or a rom-com with Mo'Nique where he's the bongo-playing love interest in her "Phat Girlz" band.