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In one of the most infamous guest appearances in "Real Housewives" series history, psychic-medium Allison DuBois took on the ladies of Beverly Hills in the Dec. 16 episode with guns blazing. Her main target: Kyle Richards. DuBois, whose own life is the basis for the hit TV drama "Medium," is a longtime pal of Camille and her now-estranged hubby Kesley Grammer. When DuBois was asked by the couple to attend the dinner party -- electric cigarette in tow -- the psychic friend says she had a sense of impending drama. Wonderwall spoke exclusively with her about what went down that night, Camille's future and the bullies of Beverly Hills.

WONDERWALL: Who reached out to have you attend the dinner party at the Grammer house?

ALLISON DUBOIS: It was Kelsey and Camille and they were like 'Kyle bullies her' and it was making Camille sick to her stomach and she wasn't sleeping. They don't really show that aspect of 'Housewives' and how it effects the people that are on the show because they edit in [the way] they want to be seen ... I've known [Camille] for 10 years, and she's actually one of the nicest people I've ever met. And anyone that's met her says how lovely she is, so I really don't understand that people are seeing her in such a negative light. But, yes, I was purely there as support for her and I have an issue with bullies. I call Camille 'Bambi' as a nickname because she doesn't know how to push back.

WW: So you feel like Camille is being bullied?

AD: Well absolutely -- she was throwing up. I mean that's where you're not able to function. As it is she has to do the reunion show, but you know it's going to be bad.

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WW: How did you meet Camille?

AD: I met her through Kelsey ... I met him and he kind of saw what I could do. A year later I got a phone call [saying] Kelsey wants to make a television series based on your life. So it was just like that. [That show turned out to be NBC's "Medium".]

WW: So take us to the night of the dinner party.

AD: They tried to make it look like I was drinking too much. I had 2.5 drinks in 4 hours. Like anyone else, when you have anything to drink you don't edit yourself ... you are a little looser with the lips I guess. It was a dinner party, it was a Saturday night and I had to put up with those women. And so what you see on the show is me trying not to leave the table, it was the only way to tolerate them quite frankly, and I was sipping my drink. But every time I took a sip they cut to me. They didn't show me drinking my glass of ice water as well.

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WW: What was your reaction watching it all come together and seeing it on television a couple of weeks ago?

AD: I actually watched it with Camille the night before it aired. She came over and brought the copy of it with her ... In the beginning, where she says, 'I hope my girlfriend doesn't get drunk because she hits below the belt,' I said why would you say that? She's said, 'What I really meant to say is a cocktail can make it so that you don't edit yourself. And it just came out all wrong.' I was like 'Well Camille, that was really stupid' and she said, 'I know, I'm really sorry.' What else can she do? She's apologized and I can't do anything about it. What's done is done.

WW: So you've forgiven her?

AD: Well, of course. She's my friend. Friends make mistakes. It's not like she took my firstborn or anything. She just had a blond moment on camera. And she's going through enough right now with her life. And so now is when she needs her friends. In a way, I was trying to make light of the women that were there. Because what they're not showing is in between takes I was saying, 'Camille these women don't matter. They're not your friends. Don't let them get to you; don't let them take a toll on you.' It was the first time she actually had real friends there to support her and be like 'These women aren't worth getting worked up about.'

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WW: When you got there did you immediately sense the energy?

AD: Yeah, I mean I knew they were all in attack mode. I actually knew it was going to be that before I got there, so I actually ate dinner before I went. People don't let me eat when I'm at dinner parties because they ask me questions or they overstep their bounds as those women did. Of course they were very rude from the beginning. I always say money doesn't mean you have manners and they proved that to be true. It was a little disappointing. They cut out all the parts where Faye Resnick was completely attacking me and Camille. I know they try to show mutual combat between Camille and Kyle but it's really not like that. Kyle attacks and attacks and attacks until you push back. All you're seeing in the episode that I was in was us pushing back.

WW: Was there anyone at the dinner who you actually liked?

AD: I felt really bad for Kim [Richards], first of all. As upset as I was of how I was treated through the powers of editing, watching Kyle treat Kim ... who already seemed fragile ... I just felt horrible for her. I mean, that's her family. I don't understand. I thought Kim was pretty nice. I was actually enjoying Adrienne [Maloof] until the fighting started, and then she didn't know what to say because it was entirely uncomfortable. I complimented Lisa [Vanderpump] on her blouse and she said, 'Make sure when the camera is on to say that again because I'm selling them.'

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WW: There was an insinuation that Kyle's husband is not devoted to her.

AD: I only reacted because they kept badgering me to tell them something and they actually irritated me. It was so rude ... what I said to her was that after her kids got a little bit older that I saw her marriage and the two of them drifting apart, but that she wouldn't leave the marriage. She has a strive for female independence, which is exactly what the show is. So when I was saying that [about her husband], I wasn't saying they would necessarily get a divorce. I was saying there would be a divide in the relationship.

WW: Did you know there was trouble with Camille and Kelsey?

AD: I knew that there were some problems, but he always made such an effort to make her happy. I had just gone to her birthday party like eight months before (a huge 1970's disco extravaganza). Every time I've been around them, he tells her how much he adores her and he's very affectionate. And then boom! I actually talked to him the night we taped that episode and he was thanking me for being there for her when he couldn't be. So yeah, I was in disbelief when [the breakup] happened.

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WW: Did you have a sense early on that the breakup was coming?

AD: Well, being his friend, nothing inside me would have allowed myself to think he would cheat on her, because that wouldn't be something my friend would do. It's really hard when you're too close to the situation to be clear on what you're getting. It would be something that I really wouldn't like to know.

WW: How is Camille doing?

AD: She is trying to hang in there right now. She was just in Life & Style today. They just voted her the most hated housewife. She is having a hard time. It's one thing after another for her. I'm just trying to let people know that she really is a good person. She's a wonderful mom, and she's easily wounded. I think you can see that on the show.

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WW: Sounds like Camille didn't see this coming.

AD: I think part of her still loves him. She doesn't understand how it went so bad. And now he's pushing to get married on New Year's Eve. I can only chalk it up to he had a heart attack and his mom died. Being in the field that I'm in, I know that can throw people a little over the edge. They recognize their mortality and that makes them nervous, so they get rid of everything they knew before and they try to start over. They're running from death.

WW: So what do you think is in store for Camille? What can you tell us?

AD: I think she is going to end up being happy again and getting married and having the life she wants. I do worry about her. She is very fragile right now and all this press is not good for her. It is bad press. I told her she needs to hire a publicist. I'm trying to get her to do that. I think Camille is going to be fine ... I know that she's going to be OK. She's there for her kids and she'll get remarried and she knows who her friends are.

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WW: We think her buddy Nick on the show would be a good match for her, though he is married.

AD: [Laughs] You know, I think half the people on that show are going to end up divorced, so that may not be an issue later on. I think that show should employ divorce attorneys because that seems to be what happens to people [on it]. It's like the kiss of death.

WW: We've got to ask about that electronic cigarette. It was quite the accessory at dinner.

AD: I actually love that thing. It's a stop smoking aid. It's water vapor ... I was just trying to stay at the table. For anybody trying to quit smoking ... you're put in a situation like that ... I needed it because my nerves were shot. Being there for four hours, going back and forth and back and forth, it wasn't a dinner party it was an attack. It was war.

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WW: Can we expect you on any further 'Housewives' episodes?

AD: That will never happen. I was there one time to show a friend that she mattered and that's going to be the end of my experience with the 'Housewives.'