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By Molly McGonigle

"Machete" star Michelle Rodriguez is getting tired of always playing the tough chick. So she's headed to the faraway land of Antarctica for a little image makeover. Wonderwall caught up with Rodriguez at the Xbox 360 launch of "Halo: Reach" to get all the details on her trip to Antarctica, what movie she thinks needs to be made and who she thinks will win "Dancing With the Stars."

Wonderwall: Tells us about your upcoming trip to Antarctica with Greenpeace.

Michelle Rodriguez: [I'm going to] Antarctica on a tender. I'm a little bit worried. The tender is what takes the tear gas to the ship. Dude, it's going to be cool. Do you know what kind of waves those whale ships make? I mean cargo ships make those kinda waves ... So I can only imagine.

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Sounds intense. So you're getting in touch with your philanthropic side?

MR: My biggest thing is that I don't really know anything about philanthropy, truly. One of the founders of Greenpeace, he's the first man to sit there and stand up, literally, like in front of ships that were fishing tuna and be like, 'Dude, you're killing amazing amounts of dolphins right now. It's wrong and you aren't even eating them.' He's a standup guy and I want to know what it's all about. I want to know what he knows. I'm just hungry for as much information as I can possibly absorb.

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You sound passionate about this cause.

MR: You gotta be passionate. And I was like, honey, my cups are overfilled with passion. I'll be honest, I'm Spanish, you know what I mean. I popped out of my mother with passion.

And passionate about film. What movie would you like to see made?

MR: I wanna see the "Dude, Where's My Car?" for the chicks. You know, there are a lot of tomboy girlfriends of mine that are just like such stoners. I would love to see that come to life on the big screen.

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Last question. We gotta ask ... who do you think will "Dancing With the Stars"?

MR: The Situation! Dude, you know he's going to be shirtless. And then [his partner] will come out and start washing her clothes on his stomach.