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Did Miley Cyrus' attempt to eat healthy land her in the hospital? The newly gluten-free starlet made a run for the emergency room on Monday night after cutting her hand in an apparent blender accident.

Miley, 19, her left hand bandaged and bloodstained, was accompanied to the ER by her mom, grandma and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Sporting a skull-covered romper and a gray cardigan, she calmly walked into the hospital, a slightly rueful look on her face (see the paparazzi pics here).

"I'm all stitched up & have on a splint so I'm good," Miley tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. "As you can tell by my expression, didn't feel so good. Curse u blender!"

She also wasn't thrilled that the paps documented the blending-gone-wrong aftermath.

VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Rushed to Emergency Room

"As you can tell by the horrible faces I'm making I obviously didn't know they were there," she added. "Pretty messed up following me to ER."

Earlier in the day, Miley tweeted her thanks to PETA for sending her a gluten-free, vegan cookbook. No word on whether she injured herself trying to blend some of the "amazing recipes" contained therein.


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