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Juan Ramon / Retna Ltd.

By Molly McGonigle

Known for her hilarious cameos in "Reno 911" and "Clean House," Niecy Nash has obviously proven herself as a clean freak. In her latest effort to make the world cleaner one house at a time, Nash has teamed up with Clorox to raise awareness about the world's lack of toilets. Nash shares potty talk with Wonderwall about her new Clorox campaign, "Dancing With the Stars" and how to keep your own house clean.

Wonderwall: Tell us a little about your Clorox campaign.

Niecy Nash: Alright. I've teamed up with Clorox's cleaning products as well as WTO, which is the World Toilet Organization to get a little information out there to people. I'm so passionate about people who have clean homes. But I found out that 2.6 billion people worldwide don't have clean toilets or access to proper sanitation. So I say, 'how can I help here? What do we need to do?' 5,000 children a day are dying because the sanitation is so poor that it's affecting the water because that's what they're using for sanitation. So I partnered with these two wonderful organizations and I went to Grand Central Station and I passed out free train rides to "we're flushing New York" to get them to pay attention. And I wanted to get them to go Odetothecommode.com where they will find a virtual toilet. They flush it online and Clorox will donate $1 to the World Toilet Organization.

Wonderwall: Do you think there's a 'toilet taboo' out there? It's not a topic people like to talk about.

NN: A lot of people are not talking about it. But it is something we're doing every single day.

Wonderwall: Here we are talking about sanitation and you're the host of "Clean House." Are you a clean freak?

NN: I absolutely have a clean house. Not so much because I'm a neat nick but because I live in fear that one day my show "Clean House" will knock on the door. Surprise, it's "Clean House" and I want to have everything together!

Wonderwall: Are your kids good about keeping the house clean?

NN: They're not great about it. But that's the reason I had children. To clean my house. So I force them to do it whether they're good or not.

Wonderwall: Is your house a clutter free zone?

NN: Absolutely.

Wonderwall: Tell us a little about your time on "Dancing With the Stars."

NN: Oh, I was so thrilled. I had not been in a leotard since I was in the 8th grade. So it was a good time all around.

Wonderwall: Do you ever break out your "Dancing With the Stars" moves while cleaning?

NN: No.

Wonderwall: By the way, we noticed you tweeted your support for Vienna this week. Are you pals with her?

NN: I still try to stay in contact with a lot of people who I became really good friends with on the show. Not just Vienna, but Erin Andrews and Elizabeth. There are quite a few people. I emailed not too long ago back and forth and actually talked on the phone with Kate Gosselin, so there was definitely some connections made with that particular show.

Wonderwall: Back to Clorox and keeping it clean, do you have any advice for parents whose kids won't keep clean or roommates who clash over cleaning issues?

NN: Well, if you have a place for everything it makes it a lot easier. It's very difficult if you don't really know where to put things. But if you have organizational tools like a hamper, like organizers for the drawers, like things that go on top of the desk for your papers and your pencils ... It's a lot easier when there's a place for everything.

Wonderwall: Do you have any other comments about the Clorox campaign and how to participate?

NN: Everyone finds some sort of a cause to champion. And a lot of people don't like to talk about the taboo of toilets and as a society we think we're suffering if we have to use a port-a-potty at a park. And we're not sensitive to what other people are going through. And since we spend a lot of time on the Internet anyway, if you go to odetothecommode.com you can help somebody out. You can pass through there on your way to whatever site you are going to, click on that toilet, flush it, and then Clorox again will donate $1.