Billboard -- ONE DIRECTION "Live While We're Young" (3:18) Producers: Rami, Carl Falk Writers: R. Yacoub, �C. Falk, S. Kotecha Publishers: various Syco/Epic How much One Direction is too much? A mere eight months after the U.K. boy band's debut, "Up All Night," arrived stateside, the quintet will return with "Take Me Home" in November to capitalize on its newfound global fame. Latest single "Live While We're Young" continues the group's upward climb with a familiar sonic template and surprisingly salacious lyrical suggestions. "I know we only met/But let's pretend it's love . . . Tonight, let's get some-and live while we're young!," the singers declare in unison before a guitar lick that echoes the Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go" returns to the fold. If this song is One Direction's bid for slightly promiscuous maturity, it arrives too soon after the more accomplished puppy-love odes of previous hits "What Makes You Beautiful" and "One Thing" to further the conversation. But for 1D fanatics, the track will slake this momentary thirst for new material.

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