JEFF CHRISTENSEN / Invision/AP 1 / 7
JEFF CHRISTENSEN / Invision/AP 1 / 7

Music superstars Prince and Madonna appear to have ended their decades-long feud.

Madonna, 52, was among the celebrities cheering on Prince's sold-out Tuesday show at New York's Madison Square Garden. (Other A-listers in attendance: Jimmy Fallon, Donald and Melania Trump and an awestruck Leighton Meester, whom Prince serenaded onstage.)

During the show, an attendee reports that Prince, also 52, made a good-natured joke about the high price of Madonna's concert tickets. "I know I'm expensive!" he joshed, then made a friendly call-out to Madonna by name.

In past years, things were far less friendly between the pair, who briefly dated in 1985 and who dueted on "Love Song," a track from Madonna's 1988 Like a Prayer album.

Madonna sniped in an interview that Prince was a "little troll," and quipped in 1994 that he wouldn't eat during a dinner date. "He was just sipping tea, very daintily," Madonna said. "I have this theory about people who don't eat. They annoy me."

For his part, Prince slammed Madonna -- and her growing brood of children -- during a 2007 concert in London, sniping, "I got so many hits y'all can't handle me. I got more hits than Madonna's got kids."


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