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When Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn of the legendary country Duo Brooks and Dunn split in 2010, a reunion was never in the cards. But, the chart-topping duo has indeed reunited, taking their talents to Las Vegas to share a stage with Reba McEntire at Caesars Palace. sat down with the three new headliners of The Colosseum on December 2, to banter about reunions, secret-keeping and Taylor Swift's pop music career, and more ... Why was Las Vegas the perfect opportunity to get back together?

Kix: "A number of reasons. Reba obviously brings a fun factor. It's not like Ronnie and I gotta chew on, 'OK, if we were gonna get back together, which we didn't have any plans of, what's gonna be new with Brooks and Dunn?' We're not getting any younger and in 20 years we did more than we ever dreamed we would have. Reba is like our buddy and our friend. We both admire her music and her talent and we know from touring with her that it's going to be fun. We don't have to try and rig up a bunch of traveling trucks and buses and what buildings would we go to …"

Ronnie: "It's a good place to spend all of our money."

Kix: "It just sounds like something that we enjoy doing. It's not like we're against singing songs and getting together. It's just a good combination."

WW: How hard was it to keep the secret that you were not only reuniting, but getting a Vegas show?

Ronnie: "I don't keep secrets."

Kix: "Ronnie's been really hard to keep under wraps."

Reba: "I didn't tell anyone at Thanksgiving. I didn't tell anybody."

Ronnie: "I wanted to tell everyone I knew the second I heard."

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WW: Will you play Vegas exclusively?

Reba: "I think we'll play together exclusively in the United States."

Ronnie: "I heard we couldn't play anywhere else west of the Mississippi [River]."

Kix: "That kind of answers your question. No, we haven't had anything worked out."

Ronnie: "Reba is married to her manager and she said he doesn't tell me anything."

Reba: "We're the last people you need to interview for information."

WW: You all toured in the '90s. What will it be like to be on stage again with each other, and what will it be like to be on stage again as Brooks and Dunn?

Kix: "It will be fun."

Reba: "You know next year will be my 40th year in the business and to celebrate it here with these two is going to be …"

Kix: "That's tough for a 39-year-old."

Reba: "Right!"

Kix: "We got some bad math going on here. I think we're all comfortable with the idea."

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WW: Brooks and Dunn has been hounded with rumors about discord. What is the funniest rumor you've heard about yourself?

Kix: "People all the time say they saw Ronnie and I playing in the '80s, but we didn't meet till 1990. Sometimes you just let it go and sometimes you're in the mood to play along. I had a crazy lady in Montana say that she had had my baby. The kid was 19 and I hadn't been to Montana even 10 years before that. She came to a meet-and-greet and brought 'my son.' She said she knew it was my kid because of his nappy, curly hair."

Ronnie: "I think they feds got involved there, right?"

Reba: "A guy came up to me and said I went to school with you. I asked where he went. I didn't go there, but he was convinced."

Ronnie: "I love Keith Richards' book. He said, you have the myths and most aren't true, but you let the myth perpetuate whatever is happening at the time."

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WW: You're all friends with Taylor Swift. She recently moved to pop music. What's your take on it?

Reba: "I'm proud of her. I think she's a very smart, very intelligent young lady. I call her an old soul. She has done so much, so young. For her to go to a pop career, I think it's the next best step, more power to her."

Kix: "I think she's always sort of had a pop career. She's never really done traditional country. She writes great songs. Heck, Johnny Cash was a pop star like Taylor was a pop star. It's called popularity and she's had huge popularity. The fact that she was under a genre umbrella called country music had nothing to do with the music she was making."

Ronnie: "Your music is what it is."

Reba: "She's good, she's great."

Kix: "She's done it with class, you're right. You think about all the young people that have had that kind of success and really trashed it up."

Reba: "She's a great influence on young women and I really admire her for that."