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By Saryn Chorney

Mistresses and Tiger and non-stop scandalous news updates, oh my.

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According to an exclusive report from, yet another woman is going public with her story of an affair with Tiger Woods. This will bring the official "other woman" headcount to four, just an FYI to those who are counting.

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Jamie Jungers, an attractive blond Las Vegas model, will spill the details of her alleged two-year affair with the married athlete to a British newspaper. Radar also reports that two more women are close to making deals with various media outlets to disclose their own sexual "transgressions" with Woods. (Guess we spoke too soon about that headcount.)

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So far, Jungers is the first blond to come forward, and some say she resembles Woods' wife Elin. Sources claim their affair fits the golfer's pattern of extra-marital trysts: they met in Las Vegas, contact was sporadic and spanned several different cities. Woods and Jungers are said to have also hooked-up in California and Chicago over the years.

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Stay tuned for updates about Jungers' story, as well as revelations from supposed mistresses No. 5 and No. 6. Also, check out Dr. Drew's video interview with Entertainment Tonight to hear the celeb doc's thoughts on Tiger's affairs.

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