The ex mistress to former Senator John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" to offer her side of the story and talk about why she doesn't believe she ruined Edwards' marriage.

When asked if she thought she broke up a marriage and a family, Hunter responds, "absolutely not." She adds, "I don't believe I wrecked his home. ... A lot of people bought into the myth of the marriage, the Edwards marriage."

"My intention is to never to hurt anyone. ... I think Elizabeth [Edwards] has been hurt by the whole process," Hunter says, adding that Oprah would have to ask Elizabeth if Hunter personally hurt her.

Hunter recalls how Edwards reacted to hearing the news that she was pregnant. "He was very gracious," she tells Oprah. "He said, 'Whatever you decide to do, I fully support you.' ... He had a lot of issues with the timing." Hunter admits that at no time in their relationship were they using birth control.

While Edwards was running for president, he denied being the father of Hunter's child, claiming that his aide Andrew Young was in fact the biological parent. Hunter says this was Young's idea, though he says the scheme came from Edwards. Hunter tells Oprah that going along with the lie was "my biggest regret. That was a bridge too far for me."

Hunter gave birth to Frances Quinn on February 27, 2008. She says that Edwards met his daughter in mid March and she recalls the meeting as "filled with love." She says she was "devastated" when Edwards sat down with Bob Woodruff of "Dateline" in August, 2008 and denied being the father of their child.

When Oprah asks Hunter why she thinks Edwards doesn't lie to her like he lied to the American people, she responds, "I know him like the back of my hand. I know what's on his mind."

Hunter reacts to the sex tape that the Youngs claim she left at their home and that she says was taken from her. She also says she believed she had destroyed the tape. Oprah inquires as to why there was a sex tape in the first place and Hunter says, "I don't think there was a lot of thought into it in the heat of the moment."

In addition to going along with the lie that Young was her daughter's father,  Hunter says she also regrets her sexy photo shoot with GQ magazine, calling the decision an "ego move." She tells Oprah that she will never repeat that mistake and says she agreed to the photos because she wanted one "sexy shot" of her out there amidst all the paparazzi photos of her looking unattractive.

Despite everything, Hunter says she still trusts Edwards very much. "It's my experience that he loves me." Hunter says both her and Edwards have become better people.

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