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Justin Campbell / StarTraks 1 / 8

By Molly McGonigle, With Reporting from Paris Hampton

Now that the Olympics are behind him, Ryan Lochte has been hitting up all the hottest events he can. And as a budding fashion designer and impeccable dresser, he's made sure to get invites to plenty of shows at Fashion Week. Wonderwall got the chance to chat with Ryan at the Rebecca Minkoff show on Sept. 7, where he dished on lots of great things. Read on to see what he has to say about looking for love, his upcoming fashion line and who he wishes he could design a custom grill for.

What is your philosophy for getting dressed for Fashion Week?

Ryan Lochte: You know what? I want to look like my personality. I want that clean cut look but I want a little edge to it. And I got my watch. I got my bling on.

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How are you dealing with all this media attention?

RL: After the Olympics, it's just been a whirlwind. It's just been going nonstop with media and doing appearances. Acting gigs. Everything is just coming together. You know, it's fun! I'm really enjoying it.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming fashion line?

RL: Right now, it's in the making. I'm working with a new design team and hopefully it will be up and running within the year.

Is there anyone you have a style crush on? Some celeb who you think is fashionable that you admire?

RL: I'd have to say Dwyane Wade. How he dresses up and presents himself on the court and off the court. He's a really stylish guy. Probably down the road, I'll get some tips from him!

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If you could custom design a grill for someone, who would it be?

RL: Oh, I'd have to pick Dwyane Wade. I'll pick him! He has such a clean look and with the grill, it's the opposite!

What's your ideal girl?

RL: My ideal girl? Definitely she's got to be pretty. She has to hold her own. You know? I don't always want her coming to me looking to me for everything. I want her to be really independent.

Are you on the hunt for somebody?

RL: You know, I am. The past four years I've really been down in the bottom of a pool, just focusing on that. So I really haven't had a relationship because when I do have a relationship, I want to give them my entire heart and I wasn't able to do that.

What would get your attention?

RL: If a girl wasn't so shy to come up to me.

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