Antonio Calanni / Invision/AP 1 / 15
Antonio Calanni / Invision/AP 1 / 15

By Wonderwall Editors

Scarlett Johansson addressed the issue of privacy for celebrities in an interview with CNN that aired Saturday. Although she avoided mentioning the nude photos that were hacked and leaked from her cell phone recently, the intrusion was clearly the subject of discussion.

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"Who doesn't want to protect their own privacy?," the actress said. "Just because you're in the spotlight or just because you're an actor or make films doesn't mean that you're not entitled to your own personal privacy.

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She continued: "No matter what the context, when that is sieged in some way it feels unjust, it feels wrong. I've gotten that response from many people that I've met now. They say, 'how do you deal with the invasion of privacy?' I don't know. To me it's an adjustment. There are certainly instances I think where you give a lot of yourself, finally you just kind of put your foot down and say 'wait, I'm taking it back.'"

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Johansson, who is also an Oxfam ambassador, also visited drought-stricken areas in the Horn of Africa the last week.

"This is a long-term and escalating crisis exacerbated by political conflict, famine and drought that can no longer be ignored, she said in a statement. "Over half the Somalis that have died are children; an entire generation lost. This is no longer an issue that can only garner some attention, some of the time. Extreme action must be taken by the global community now."