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This week's issue of Rolling Stone features a cover story on the uber-popular boy band, The Jonas Brothers, including a drippy photoshoot that harkens to the Backstreet days of open-the-jacket poses and man necklaces. The Rolling Stone website also features an epic photo timeline of them featuring them as babies, and, like, probably a few short months later as the Jonases we know and love today. Oh, Rolling Stone, how you've made it even harder for us to resist the attractiveness of these jailbait whippersnappers! Check out a couple highlights from the article below, and then click here to see the rest of the exclusive content.

Kevin on graduating into their true identity as hardcore thrash artists:

"I think it will take time, because of where we came from. I would honestly say to anybody, if you were in a band like us, you would take advantage of those platforms too. It's easy for people to say, 'No, I'm a real rock and roller,' but I think you do what you've got to do."

Joe being all like, "Whatever," to their haters:

"Personally, I'm not in the band to say, Hey, you need to respect us, take us seriously, because that's kind of stupid. Were doing it because we love it, and we don't care what age group we attract. If they like our music, they like our music, and if they don't, fine. We don't need you like our music."

The Jo-Bros are large and in charge, yo:

"We have an operation around us that we run," says Kevin. "It's not run for us, or dictated to us. Everything that we do, we sign off on."

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