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By Brenda Rodriguez

Oh, that Tim Gunn. He's just full of surprises. From outing fashion (and TV) divas in his new book to talkin' smack about the Kardashians, "Project Runway"'s beloved mentor is never one to mince words. Wonderwall caught up with Gunn during New York Fashion Week on Saturday at the American Express Skybox where he dished about his book "Gunn's Golden Rules," the digital age and hating Twitter.

Wonderwall: The new book is getting lots of buzz.

Tim Gunn: Well actually the book in its original inception wasn't what it ended up being. Originally it was going to be modern manners for the digital age ... And I began to write, well I began to reflect upon things that I've seen and that have happened to me, that I've observed and it ended up being much more of a quasi memoir because it was so peppered with stories. I didn't know how the Simon & Schuster people would respond to this so I turned in a draft at a fairly early stage and they said, 'We really like this so keep going,' so it really evolved into something that I never intended to do originally.

WW: What can we expect from your next book?

TG: More of the same!

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WW: Speaking of modern manners for the digital age, what do you think of celebrities who twitter fight?

TG: I think it's absolutely absurd and I don't understand it and frankly it's a dimension of the universe with which I don't choose to engage. People keep saying, 'why aren't you twittering?' I don't want to twitter! [Laughs]

WW: You know, Courtney Love recently had a Twitter fight with her daughter.

TG: Outrageous!

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WW: But some people are fake twitter fighting for publicity.

TG: What do you mean? Are you serious?

WW: We're serious. There are rumors that Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick are fake twitter fighting for publicity.

TG: It's not good. It's really not good. I was on the subway fairly recently and there were 8-10 teenage girls who were chattering away and suddenly they started yelling profanities at each other and then they started slapping each other. Then they cascaded into laughter. So the whole thing was a joke on the crowded subway car and I thought, great this is what people are picking up from what we see in myriad media from television to the Internet to now twitter.

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WW: It's about getting attention no matter how you get it.

TG: Yeah. It's a horrible thing. It makes me reflect upon ancient Rome and the coliseum and people being torn to shreds by wild animals.

WW: For amusement?

TG: Exactly!