Allen Smith did his best to keep a target off his back on "The Biggest Loser: Second Chances." He even went so far as to throw a challenge or two, so as not to seem like a big competitor. Nevertheless, when he fell below the yellow line last week, his strategy failed him, and he was sent home. So with hindsight being 20/20, is he rethinking his plan?

"No, I do not regret that at all," he says. "I saw towards the end that [that was something] I was going to have to do to try to get the target off of my back and maybe get it onto somebody else's."

Allen, who is down to 220 pounds from his starting weight of 325 pounds, fell below the yellow line with Liz Young, who had been a member of the brown team. Since Liz's teammate Danny Cahill was still in the game, it was clear he wasn't going to vote for her to leave. But it was also apparent that Rudy Pauls would vote for Liz. That left the deciding vote to Amanda Arlauskas. Logic would have dictated that Amanda vote off Liz, because Liz had written her name down in an earlier vote and because, if Liz makes it to the final three, she has a good chance of winning "The Biggest Loser" title. But Amanda surprised folks by voting off Allen, saying she welcomes the challenge of keeping Liz on the program. In fact, she is hoping that the challenge will motivate her workouts.

"I think I was a little surprised because Amanda is somewhat of a game player and I was thinking that she would want to look at going for the win," says the 43-year-old firefighter from Columbus, IN. "So, I was just a little surprised [when she voted for me] but, you know, when you're on 'The Biggest Loser,' and you get down to just that few of contestants, really nothing comes as a big, big surprise."

On tonight's episode, last season's finalists return to cheer the final four as they face their toughest challenge: a marathon. Then, the two contestants with the highest percentage of weight loss will automatically move on to the finals. And America will vote to determine which of the bottom two will make up the final three, which will be revealed on the Dec. 9 finale.

"The Biggest Loser" airs at a special time tonight: 9 p.m. on NBC to accommodate President Barack Obama's address.

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