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We'll never get tired of Courtney Stodden, Doug Hutchison, their tiny dogs or their marriage!

From pornographic videos to separations and a tiny dog named Dourtney, Courtney and Doug's May/December marriage has been chock full of weirdness since they shocked the world with their Las Vegas wedding back in 2011. On April 22's episode of "The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition," things got even weirder when Courtney's mom Krista Keller accused Doug have having an emotional affair with her during a group therapy session.

Oh how tawdry!

The Lifetime show is about six "celebrity" mother/daughter pairs who live together, laugh together, drink together, and therapy together with Dr. Debbie Magids in order to repair their broken relationships -- and to create a lot of drama while doing it.

On Friday's particularly juicy episode, Courtney's hubby Doug, who came with a tiny dog named Cupcake in tow, made a visit to the house and joined in on an intense therapy session with his wife and mother-in-law. During the sit down, Krista, who was the matchmaker between her teen daughter and the much older man, accused Doug of having an "emotional affair" with her. But Doug and Courtney weren't having it and called Krista a compulsive liar.

In the session, Doug said that his mother-in-law had previously been very direct about her desire for him. "Krista was relentless about her feelings for me … And it culminated into an unbelievable confession from Krista saying that, 'When Courtney leaves you, I will be here for you because I am in love with you,'" claimed the actor. However, Krista vehemently denied Doug's assertions.

It sounds like Doug has an animal magnetism that can't be caged in!

Of course, Courtney, who is now a very mature 21-years-old, stood by her man and laid into her mother, saying, "His story has never changed once. Your story has done a complete 180. That is telling to me."

After the familial tete-a-tete, Dr. Debbie did the best thing she could think of -- end the therapy session! A therapy session where everyone just heaves their baggage onto each other and nothing gets resolved? Now that's our kind of therapy session!

For those of you who don't recall, Courtney and Doug first stole our hearts almost five years ago when news broke on May 20, 2011, that a 51-year-old D-list actor, who was best known for bit parts in "The X-Files" and "Lost," had married a 16 year old in a quickie Las Vegas wedding. And not just any 16 year old, a busty bombshell 16 year old, primed for her time in the spotlight.

And boy was she ready for her time to shine (or flash)! In addition to disrobing on the reg, Courtney has been on several reality show roles, including appearances on "Celebrity Big Brother," "Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side," "Couples Therapy" and now Lifetime's "The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition."

"The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition" airs on Lifetime Fridays at 10 p.m. ET.