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Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend's family think he's to blame for her suicide last year.

Cathriona White's mom, Brigid Sweetman, has filed a lawsuit against the funny man allegedly that her daughter overdosed upon learning that he had given her three sexually transmitted diseases. The new lawsuit claims that Jim dumped her after she confronted him about everything.

Last month, Cathriona's estranged husband Mark Burton filed a wrongful death case in Los Angeles, as well, claiming Jim had access to illegal drugs because of his wealth and celebrity status. He, too, claimed that Jim was responsible for giving her multiple STDs.

In the new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Cathriona White's mom alleges that Jim not only infected her, but he also shamed her by calling her a horrific names and trying to silence her.

Cathriona's mom claims that in 2013 her daughter learned she had contracted two types of herpes and chlamydia. The "Ace Ventura" actor shooed the allegations at first, but then suggested she got them from someone else, the lawsuit says.

Jim eventually ended the relationship, telling Cathriona, "You have become too much drama," the court documents say.

The suit also alleged that Jim was prescribed Ambien, Propranolol and Percocet under a pseudonym and supplied them to his ex.

After the estranged husband's lawsuit was filed in September 2016, Jim's lawyer called it "baseless," "malicious," "bogus," and a "transparent shakedown."

Cathriona was found dead in her home in September 2015 after committing suicide. Afterwards the contents of a suicide note were released. Jim reacted to the release of the note, saying, "When I came to Hollywood to make it as a comedian, I soon learned that the details of my private life would be handed out to the media like free dinner vouchers. I never dreamed that the people I love most in the world would also be on the menu. What a shame."

Jim helped carry his ex girlfriend's coffin during a mass in October 2015.