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For Jon Gosselin, family functions are all pretty incomplete.

The former reality star spoke to Steve Harvey this week, saying that he hasn't seen all of his eight children together in about three years.

In addition, he never actually knows which kids he's going to see in advance, despite spending every other weekend with some of his children.

"I only get what I get," he said, prompting Steve to ask him to elaborate.

"With my custody, I do the logistics, so I have to go to the house to get the kids or I have to go to the bus stop to get the kids," Jon said. "So I pull up to the gate, and whoever comes down the driveway, that's who I get. I'm not privy to any information, I don't know who I'm going to get."

Part of the reason he's in the dark up until the last minute is because he and his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, don't speak at all.

"There is no co-parenting," Jon said. "I would love to co-parent but I don't see it happening… We don't talk. Zero… We talk in court."

The kids, he said, are continually stuck in the middle of their parent's dispute.

"I haven't seen [one of my sons] in a year and a half. I don't know why," Jon said. "I can't talk to him, I have no communication."

Jon, though, has been trying to get full custody of one of his daughters, Hannah, 11.

"Jon is filing for custody because Hannah has expressed she is unhappy and uncomfortable in the house with Kate Gosselin," a source told E! News. "In a perfect world, Jon would take all the kids, but he's not in a position to."

"For now, he's at least trying to help Hannah. Out of all the children, she's the one voicing her discomfort," the source said. "So far, Jon has been tight-lipped about this because he's not seeking media attention. It's just about helping his daughter."