It's official: Prince George is the cutest kid ever.

While surrounded by his royal parents, Prince William and Duchess Kate, as well as Prince Harry, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, the little tyke was the star of the show.

George looked too cute for words as he met the Obamas while dressed in a monogrammed robe, pajama pants and slippers in his family's 22-room apartment within Kensington Palace grounds. Photos show George shaking the president's hand, looking less than intimidated.

Prince George meets The President and First Lady of the United States.

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"Prince George stayed up to meet The President and First Lady when they arrived at Kensington Palace," said a Kensington Palace spokesman, adding that Princess Charlotte was in bed.

Photos also show that the Will and Kate seem to have a fairly normal home, at least by royal's standards. Cream sofas with floral cushions fill the home. In the corner of meeting room sits a baby grand piano covered with family photographs and flowers.

The home appears to have kids toys throughout. George even showed the Obamas a rocking horse and stuffed toy that they gifted him.

Prince George meets The President and First Lady of the United States.

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Kate was seen clapping as George showed off the horse.

Prince George thanks @BarackObama for his rocking horse, given to him when he was born

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The UK-based Daily Mail said it's the first time that any of the young royals have entertained a head of state privately and the most significant event they have ever hosted at Kensington Palace.

"When the Duke heard that President Obama was lunching with his grandmother he extended an invitation to join them for dinner. He was delighted that he could find time in his schedule to join them," the spokesman said.

"Kensington Palace has been used a lot more over the last couple of years and is very much a working building now with proper entertaining space," the spokesman continued. "But it is clearly the biggest thing that they have done here because it is the President and First Lady of the United States."

The Duke chats with the President of the United States before dinner at Kensington Palace

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Prior to the dinner, the young royals posed outside with the American leader.

The Mail also chronicled a conversation between the Obamas and young royal couple.

"There you are! Hello!" Barack said to Will upon arrival, while holding an umbrella over Michelle.

"Sorry about the weather," the second-in-line to the throne said. "You've had a long day."

The report stated that Prince George could be seen in the home as pleasantries were exchanged.