Vine stars Jason Nash and Brandon Calvillo have signed up to star in an upcoming online film, "FML."

The social media personalities, who have a combined following of more than 8 million on the platform, will start shooting the road trip movie this month.

It comes as the second feature film for Nash, who wrote the screenplay for "FML" (which stands for F--- My Life) and will also direct.

I give this set (and this crew member who looks like he eats babies) two thumbs up

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Nash and Calvillo are expected to be joined by "Silicon Valley" stars TJ Miller and Andy Daly, as well as comedian Patton Oswalt and "Wet Hot American Summer" star Ken Marino.

"FML" follows the story of a pair of social media stars - a married adult (Nash) and a teenage virgin (Calvillo) who team up for a cross-country journey from Los Angeles to New York.

Along the way they stop to shoot what they hope will be "bangers" (viral videos). Nash's character is on a mission to hit 1 million followers while Calvillo's is desperate to hook up with a vapid female influencer who's been flirting with him online.


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Describing the premise of the movie, Nash explained, "'FML' is about my experiences on Vine and the wild world of social media.

"It's an exploration of the immense power technology has handed millennials and yet how many have never felt more alone. It also has a fair amount of d--- jokes."

Digital Riot Media CEO John Baldecchi, producer of the 2015's Point Break, will produce alongside Kevin Herrera, under Herrera's new banner Moopsy.

Baldecchi said, "The stars of today have audiences that consume entertainment online and Digital Riot Media is focused on using best practices from both the traditional as well as new media in order to bring high quality entertainment to where their fans live."

Social Media PSA (w/ @bjcalvillo)

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