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Virgin Airlines is ready to fight former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars Jim and Amber Marchese -- over a flight.

In October 2016, James and Amber sued the airline for defamation, negligence and false imprisonment after police escorted them off of a flight the previous April. Virgin is now countersuing, according to documents filed on Wednesday, Jan. 4.

As the story goes, the alleged incident took place after a flight attendant claimed that Jim had choked his wife during a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to New Jersey, which they were on after filming "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars."

Jim was arrested for domestic violence, but charges were never filed.

The couple said that incident never happened, but rather, they were simply flirtatious with each other.

Afterward, Jim told E! News that the entire incident is "absurd" and "doesn't make any sense."

"We had spent two and a half weeks shooting [the show] which was so much fun and we had just finished a promotional photo shoot," he said. "We got on the plane and the next thing you know, my wife is in handcuffs and I'm being escorted off the flight."

Virgin America is standing by its story, saying the duo not only fought, but they lied about it afterward.

The court documents, obtained by The Wrap, quote a flight attendant who claims Jim was verbally abusive to Amber. The Virgin employee also alleged that Jim threatened her.

In the countersuit filed in federal court in New Jersey, Virgin America alleges defamation. The suit says the Marcheses made "numerous defamatory statements" to the news media, as well as on on their social media accounts saying that the airline and the employee "lied to law enforcement and fabricated the domestic disturbance … for their own self-promotion and to attract publicity."