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Mick Jagger will be a father for the eighth time, as has been widely reported, but he apparently won't be a husband anytime soon.

The Rolling Stones frontman has no interest in settling down with 29-year-old girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, despite the fact that she'll be having the 72-year-old's child.

"Mick's relationship with Melanie works for both of them," a source told The Sun. "Melanie is very American and doesn't want to move to London, even though they've been seeing each other regularly over a long period of time now. Mick likes the arrangement they have and doesn't want to be in another formal relationship."

The source said Mick and Melanie have a casual relationship. The two have been spotted vacationing around the world since getting together in March 2014, after the suicide of his longtime girlfriend, L'Wren Scott.

"The most important thing is how much he loves his children and he has great relations with them. He will support and love this child," the source said, later adding, "Mick really respects the fact that she has always been very low-key and discreet about their relationship. There's trust there."

The source indicated that Melanie, a dancer for the American Ballet Theatre, is giving much thought into retiring from dancing and simply focusing on being a mom.

"Melanie was coming toward the end of her career as a ballet dancer but has now had to give it up even ­earlier than planned," the source said. "Her friends had already begun to notice she had been acting in a ­different way and hadn't been going to certain classes."

Mick, the source said, is hoping that Melanie will move to either Connecticut, where she knows people, or Los Angeles, as Mick spends much more time there than he does in New York.

This will be Melanie's first child, but his eighth. Despite all his children, whom he had with four women (Melanie will be his fifth baby mama,) Mick has only married once.

Currently, his children currently range from 46 years old to 17 years old.