Beyonce NOT Pregnant With Fourth Child, Despite Claims

Beyonce is not pregnant again, despite claims that she's expecting her fourth child with Jay-Z. While speculation has been circulating for the last few weeks while the couple is on tour, there's actually evidence they don't have another baby on the way. Allow Gossip Cop to explain how the claims are untrue.

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The latest pregnancy rumor comes from MediaTakeOut, which is claiming on Monday that photos of Beyonce "confirm" she is expecting again. "Beyonce is pregnant again — according to new images circulating on social media," contends the website. The blog continues, "The Queen has been gaining weight over the last few months — and now it seems clear… that Beyonce and Jay are expecting their fourth child."

The website maintains the superstar singer "clearly has a baby bulge." But because the outlet doesn't actually have confirmation, or any inside knowledge whatsoever, it admits, "It's not clear whether the new baby was planned – or just happened." Still, the online publication insists, "But it is pretty clear that Beyonce is pregnant."

Yet while MTO is so focused on pictures that supposedly prove Beyonce is sporting a baby bump, it ignores other recent snapshots that show the curvy star has a relatively flat midsection. That is evident in an Instagram post Beyonce shared just over a week ago. There are also other signs she is not pregnant again.

In one of Beyonce's Instagram posts last week, she is sitting with a bottle of Corona beer by her side. Pregnant women, of course, are not supposed to drink alcohol. Additionally, on Monday it was announced Beyonce will headline a Global Citizen Festival in Africa in December. At that point, if Beyonce was actually expecting, she would be five to eight months pregnant, and such a trip wouldn't be feasible. Plus, the CDC advises pregnant women not to travel to South Africa due to the risk of malaria.

Unsurprisingly, MTO doesn't take any of this into consideration. The site also does not acknowledge all the past times it has wrongly claimed Beyonce is pregnant, or any of the other instances of peddling misinformation about her. In fact, last year Beyonce's rep slammed MediaTakeOut in an exclusive statement to Gossip Cop, after the blog falsely speculated she received lip injections while pregnant.

A few weeks later, the website screwed up again when it announced Beyonce had given birth to her twins. That was May 21, 2017, and she was still very much pregnant for nearly another month. The babies' birth certificates ultimately revealed they were born on June 13. With this track record, there is no reason for fans to trust the outlet's Beyonce stories, especially when it comes to a pregnancy. And, as detailed above, there is clear proof showing why these pregnancy rumors are not believable.

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