Courteney Cox NOT Dating "Mystery Man," Still With Johnny McDaid

Courteney Cox is not dating a "mystery man," contrary to speculation sparked by paparazzi photos. Gossip Cop has exclusively confirmed the actress is still in a relationship with Johnny McDaid. We can also reveal that the identity of the "mystery man" isn't a mystery at all.

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Last week, the Daily Mail announced in a headline, "Courteney Cox leaves LA venue hand-in-hand with unidentified man who is not Johnny McDaid." The Sun titled a similar piece, "New Friend? Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox leave night out in LA holding hands with mystery man." Both stories, as well as several others like it, were based on paparazzi pictures of Cox holding hands with a guy as she left Largo at the Coronet, a music and comedy venue in Los Angeles. They were joined by not just Aniston, but Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka as well.

But even though this was a group outing, Woman's Day Australia is not only making hay of the photos, but is also claiming Cox and McDaid are no longer together. "What Engagement?!" asks a headline in this week's issue. Claiming her wedding to the musician is in "doubt," the tabloid quotes a so-called "onlooker" as saying, "Courteney definitely seemed to be 'with' the guy. They were extremely affectionate with each other and she seemed dazzled by him."

That leads the gossip magazine to suggest Cox has "called off her engagement." A supposed "source" cited by the outlet contends, "It wouldn't be a huge surprise if she had… It's very telling she's allowing herself to be photographed with a new guy." No, what's actually telling is that none of these outlets were able to identify the "mystery man" in question, even though he's famous in his own right.

The gentleman pictured with Cox is Will Speck, who directed Aniston and Bateman in both The Switch and Office Christmas Party. Speck just joined Cox, Bateman and Aniston on a trip to Tahiti a few weeks ago. He is a longtime member of their circle of friends, and no one whom McDaid should be concerned about. In fact, Speck has been in a long-term relationship for years.

Additionally, Gossip Cop spoke with a rep for Cox, who tells us Speck is a "very old friend," and their dynamic is "completely platonic and nothing romantic." As for her status with McDaid, we're assured Cox is "100 percent still with Johnny" and the couple is "very much together." Indeed, just days ago Cox posted on Twitter about a music video for McDaid's band Snow Patrol, writing, "I [love] J." If only other outlets loved fact-checking like Gossip Cop does.

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