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Kristin Cavallari has never been one to hold back, but in her upcoming memoir "Balancing in Heels" the former reality-TV star will shed light on a topic she's rarely addressed in public before: her marriage!

"I really talk about my relationship with Jay -- and I don't sugarcoat anything," the 29-year-old told Wonderwall.com while discussing her book at an event with Wonderful Halos and Boys & Girls Club of America.

"I'm very honest about the fact that we don't have a perfect relationship," she continued. "But we're doing everything we can to make it work."

"The Hills" alum and Jay Cutler tied the knot on June 7, 2013, but her romance with the Chicago Bears quarterback has at times felt like more of a rollercoaster than a fairytale.

The duo were first linked in late 2010 and got engaged within less than a year. But just months later, Jay reportedly "devastated" Kristin by calling off the engagement. Fortunately, they reconciled in October 2011 and welcomed their first child together, son Camden, in August 2012 before finally making it to the altar the following year.

So perhaps it's no wonder that Kristin believes her fans will be most surprised to read the chapters in her book, which debuts on March 15, about her life as a wife -- "I think people will be pleasantly surprised to read and see how open I am," she says.

But how exactly does Jay feel about his wife's decision to put their relationship under a microscope?

"I didn't have to ask his approval [to write about him]," Kristin asserts. "I wrote everything, and then he read it before I turned it in."

"But he's very respectful of the fact that this is my book and I was gonna say what I wanted to say," she adds. "He's cool with everything. He was really supportive and happy with everything."

Jay isn't just supportive when it comes to his wife's literary endeavors, though. According to Kristin, he's also an "extremely hands-on" dad.

"I'm very lucky because Jay is home all day now and he helps out a lot," the fashion designer says of her hubby, whose football team failed to make the playoffs this year.

"He'll take the boys and play basketball with them or do whatever with them if [our baby daughter] Saylor's taking a nap, and he'll let me just kind of chill out for a while," she adds. "He's made dinner. He literally does it all. He takes Camden to school and picks him up so that I can go workout."

"I'm very lucky to be able to have him around for half of the year like this," she continues. "Then obviously the flip side of that is that half the year, he's not around very much. But I know that a lot of moms can't say that their husbands are able to help out as much, and so for that, I'm extremely grateful."

It sounds like Kristin and Jay are perfectly imperfect to us!