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A group of woman are nun to happy with Katy Perry, and even a higher power apparently can't settle the dispute: a judge can, though.

In the world of celebrity news, this one is so odd that it is, dare we say it, of biblical proportions.

The "Roar" singer is engaged in a legal battle with a group of nuns at Immaculate Heart of Mary after purchasing the convent they lived in for $14.5 million dollars, according to the Los Angeles Times. The sisters, though, say the sale is void because they had already decided to sell to a restaurateur for more money.

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Katy purchased the property from Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, but the nuns say he had no right to sell the property in Los Feliz, Calif. According to the Times, the sisters purchased the covenant decades ago after pooling their money, which they claim gives them the right to choose the new ownership. Apparently the Archbishop claimed the sisters had no rights to the their former convent. He claims he has papers signed from three of the remaining five nuns, giving him power to decide who inhabits the sprawling estate.

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Prior to the sisters' decision to sell to Dana Hollister, they did meet with the pop superstar. Katy, the newspaper said, dressed conservatively and gave an impromptu performance of the gospel hymn "Oh Happy Day." She also showed the nuns -- who range in age from 77 to 88 -- her "Jesus" tattoo.

Around the time of the meeting Katy, Sister Rita Callanan said she knew the Archbishop had a famous singer lined up, but the name "Katy Perry" didn't ring a bell, so she looked her up on the Internet.

"Well, I found Katy Perry and I found her videos and ... if it's all right to say, I wasn't happy with any of it," Rita told the Times, adding that she wasn't particularly impressed with Katy's halftime performance at the Super Bowl either.


To make matters more complicated, the nun's choice of buyer has already moved in. Katy, however, got a court order to visit the property with an architect last week.

For the love of all thing holy, this one is a real whopper.