Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Had Honeymoon In Rome?

A tabloid report claiming Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's recent trip to Rome was a secret honeymoon is completely false. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this story. We're told the two aren't even engaged, let alone married and honeymooning.


Perry and Bloom met Pope Francis in Vatican City last month during the fourth annual Unite to Cure conference, where the singer served as a guest speaker to give a talk on the benefits of transcendental meditation. According to OK!, however, the couple's "loved-up trip to the Vatican" has "sparked whispers" they were one their honeymoon. Only, their "loved-up" trip was for an event promoting global health, and the tabloid seems to be the only one sparking honeymoon "whispers."

Without a single source to back up its phony report, the magazine further contends that Perry and Bloom are "rumored to have tied the knot in a secret ceremony." The unreliable outlet has zero details about when or where the supposed nuptials took place, or where the "rumor" even started. No legitimate publications have said anything about the two having walked down the aisle.

Gossip Cop further investigated by trying to find a marriage license for the pair, but no such certificate was issued in either the United States or Italy. In addition to the magazine's story being purely speculative and baseless, a mutual pal of ours and Perry tells Gossip Cop on the condition of anonymity that she and Bloom aren't engaged or married. Therefore, the couple's trip to Rome clearly wasn't a honeymoon.

Earlier this week, People provided the most recent update on Perry and Bloom's relationship. The publication, which is a much more trusted source for celebrity news than OK!, noted that the two "are dating exclusively again and things seem more serious." The outlet added, "They are both excited about it and don't want to hide." Their not hiding a secret marriage either, despite their romance becoming more serious.

This bogus article comes on the heels of another phony piece claiming Perry and Bloom are engaged but keeping it a secret. The tabloids conveniently say these milestones are all "secrets" because that serves as the weak excuse for why there's zero proof to back any of it up. Also, Gossip Cop called out OK! in February for wrongly reporting that Perry and Bloom had "eloped" during their visit to Prague. It seems the untrustworthy magazine just marries the couple off whenever they travel outside of the U.S. together.

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