Baby Ariel is a name you need to know.

Ariel Martin, also known as "Baby Ariel", is a lip sync sensation with over 6.8 million followers on the app at the age of 15, and is one of the first to interview her.

A partner with Collab, one of the premiere digital entertainment studios, Ariel is just a typical teen from South Florida who loves Justin Bieber. During the summer of 2015, she discovered after seeing a lip sync video posted on Instagram. She reached out to the girl who posted it to find out what the app was, and she discovered a whole new world.

"I started playing around with it, I added hand motions, I started lip syncing, I played around with different music and it all went from there," she explained. "It brings out my creative side."

Ariel has not only grown her presence on to nearly 7 million followers, but she also has impressive followings on Instagram at 1.7 million, Twitter at 134,000 and Youtube at over 730,000.

"When I first started it was hard because I was totally new to the social media world," she said. "And at that time, I didn't know you could make a career out of social media."

A career on social media means having not just the supporters though. Ariel spoke about the bullying that happened to her online.

"When I was first started on actually, I noticed that people were hating on me for making videos, for just being myself, for posting videos and photos on Instagram, Twitter, social media," she shared. "Once I was getting all that hate, I realized that a lot of kids would come to me and say 'thank you so much for overcoming it and for being a great role model, because I get hate on social media and I've learned from you because you deal with it in such an amazing way.'"

The response prompted Ariel to create the #ArielMovement, an anti-bullying campaign to support young people to stay confident in who they are.

"I wanted them to be able to connect and talk about their bullying problems, and I wanted to be able to help them with it because I've lived through it and I know how hard it is," she said. "I want to be there for them."

For her supporters, Ariel also launched a lipstick line for those who were asking her about what lipstick she wears.

"When I put on lipstick, I feel super cool about myself for some reason," she shared. "I'll pick my color based on my outfit, based on the mood I'm in, and I wanted to give that to other kids."

There's no denying that Ariel is "super cool." Just download, and check out one of her rap videos!