Taylor Swift NOT Pregnant, Despite Speculative Report

Taylor Swift is not pregnant, despite a purported "frenzy of speculation." As the superstar's fans supposedly "go crazy" over the possibility, a tabloid is helping fuel the rumors. But Gossip Cop can put an end to it.

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According to In Touch, fans are "buzzing" because Swift is "looking confident, glowy and fuller than her usual pin-thin self." The magazine points to social media comments, quoting users as making remarks like, "I'm calling it now: Taylor Swift is pregnant," and "My mom's convinced that Taylor changed her style to all these baggy shirts because she's pregnant." But what evidence does the outlet have, besides random tweets, to support this theory?

Certainly nothing reliable. The outlet asserts that NW, the same untrustworthy Australian tabloid that falsely alleged earlier this year that Swift and Harry Styles were back together, claims Swift is "four months along." The publication also cites a nutrition expert, who has never even met the singer but nonetheless contends she's "gained 30 pounds." Still, this nutritionist admits, "It's hard to determine if she's pregnant; she may have just gained weight."

Indeed, buried at the bottom of the article, In Touch quotes a so-called "insider," who maintains, "She's just a little heavier than usual. I don't think she's pregnant." So, to recap, the tabloid floated the contention that Swift is pregnant based on fan speculation and an allegation from a gossip magazine on the other side of the world, but added in a denial at the end. Yeah, that's not misleading at all.

Yes, some outlets have noticed that Swift appears to be favoring comfy sweatshirts as of late. But last Gossip Cop checked, women who aren't expecting often don that clothing style, too. In Touch also doesn't acknowledge that Swift is heading out on her "Reputation Stadium Tour" next year. Dates are scheduled across the globe from May through November. It would be impossible for the performer to do such a concert series if she were pregnant.

It's also important to note the publication's track record when it comes to accurately reporting on Swift. This is the same tabloid that in 2015 said she was going to have not one but two weddings with Calvin Harris and in 2016 said she was about to start dating Ben Affleck. It's no wonder the outlet doesn't know whether or not Swift's actually pregnant now. Here's the answer: She's not.

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