Demi's Book Reaction

What Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis really think of Demi Moore's memoir

Last week, Ashton Kutcher tweeted out a (since deleted) phone number and encouraged followers to "text me for the truth." The tweet landed amid a flurry of headlines about Demi Moore's new memoir, "Inside Out," in which she details the unraveling of her marriage to Ashton, whom she says cheated on her after they shared intimate encounters with other women.

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Fans assumed Ashton's "text me for the truth" tweet would garner a reply featuring his side of the Demi story. Instead, it texted back the actor and his wife, Mila Kunis' reasons for believing Donald Trump should be impeached. That seeming redirect of public attention from Ashton's role in Demi's book to the state of the union probably came as no surprise to insiders close to the "Two and a Half Men" star and his wife.

"The unwanted attention has been hard to deal with. [Ashton and Mila] have no interest in being dragged into the spotlight or reliving the past. Ashton knew it was coming and he did have a heads up. But of course he would prefer not be brought into this," a source tells E! News.

"Demi was always very private so it came as a surprise that she wanted to air all of her dirty laundry and have so much focus and attention on her personal life. Mila and Ashton are just riding out the media attention and know it will die down soon."

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Ashton and Demi married in 2005 and split in 2011 after eight years together. According to Demi's memoir, she felt pressured by the attention placed on their 15-year age gap but she was also trying to experience her 20s vicariously through him, in a way, since hers had been so different, given her complicated childhood, past sexual abuse and intensely busy career.

Speaking to Diane Sawyer while promoting the book, the actress discussed how her split from Ashton signaled distress that reached beyond the bounds of their marriage.

"I really know that there are parts of what occurred with this relationship ending that were a level of devastating for me that wasn't really just about that relationship," she said. "It was really about my whole life."

In other interviews, she said she hoped "to engage with" her ex-husbands before the book's release. "I had no interest in anybody being a bad guy," she told the Wall Street Journal.

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And not all of her exes seem to feel Demi portrayed them as such. Demi's ex-husband Bruce Willis and his current wife, Emma Heming, supported her at the Los Angeles book launch party.

Jon Cryer, whom Demi claims in the book lost his virginity to her, tweeted a correction saying he had, in fact, had sex for the first time "in high school," then added that he "was over the moon for her" when they were involved and that he now has "nothing but affection and not a regret in the world" about their time together.

As for Ashton and Mila's distaste for the attention, E!'s source points out whatever happened between Ashton and Demi is very much in the past.

"Mila is very supportive and understanding," the outlet's insider says. "It was a different time in Ashton's life and feels like a lifetime ago for all of them. They have moved on from all of that and have a completely different life now with their kids and family."

Feeling "greet"

The Kardashians are getting into the greeting card business

You're about to get carded by the Kardashians.

The ubiquitous family is expanding their empire and getting into the greeting card business, TMZ reported. 

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According to the webloid, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner filed trademark documents to get the rights to "Kardashian Kards." In the documents, the women said they plan to hawk greeting cards, calendars, decals, photo albums and postcards.

This is also a possibility that the women could sell scrapbooks, stationery, paper, notebooks, stickers, erasers, bookmarks and gift wrap under the "Kardashian Kards" name.

The family certainly knows a thing or two about capitalizing on their name to sell products, as evidenced by Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty. They obviously see this as their next greet great money-making endeavor.

Comedy coming

Eddie Murphy plans to return to standup after pandemic

Eddie Murphy will be coming to a stage near you… in due time.

In a chat with Kevin Hart on the Comedy Gold Minds podcast, Eddie said he planned to return to standup in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic changed everything. 

"My plan was to do Dolemite, Saturday Night Live, Coming 2 America, and then do stand up. And then the pandemic hit," Eddie said. 


Before COVID, the plan was working, too. In October 2019, "Dolemite Is My Name" was released. Two months later, he returned to "SNL" and hosted for the first time in 35 years. Then, on March 4, the "Coming To America" sequel was released on Amazon Prime.

"The whole time last year I would have been out working on my act, trying to get my [stuff] right, and then the whole thing shut down," he said in reference to the pandemic and the stay-at-home recommendations.

Still, he added, "When the pandemic is over and it's safe for everybody to go out and do it, then the plan is to do it."

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Eddie, who turns 60 next month, began his career as a standup comedian. His "Raw" comedy special in 1987 was given a theatrical release and took in more than $50 million at the box office. To this day it's the highest-grossing stand-up comedy concert film of all time.

Back in 2019, Eddie has mentioned that he planned to get back into standup comedy while chatting with Jerry Seinfeld on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

"I'm going to do it again. Everything just has to be right," he said at the time. "You have to get up there and start working out."

Touching tribute

Beyonce pays tribute to teen fan who died of brain cancer

Beyonce is honoring a fan who passed away following a two-year battle with brain cancer. 

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Like many, the singer was following the story of 13-year-old Lyric Chanel. When the teen tragically passed on March 5, the Queen B posted a tribute video to Lyric that mashed up "Brown Skin Girl," "Halo" and "Love On Top." In the lyrics, she changed the word "baby" to "Lyric." Beyonce's songs played over videos of Lyric.

Back in September, Beyonce also showed her love for the teen in sending flowers to her home. 

Lyric's journey was followed by a slew of celebrities, including Cardi B. Lyric's Instagram followers were made aware that things turned for the worse last week. 

"I begin see Lyric energy began to decrease this week. Each day became harder to get her to eat and drink. Today I notice she would have periods where she was not breathing as if she was holding her breathe," Lyric's mom wrote on Instagram. "From the scans ventricles are swollen and fluid has built up again. (Shunt malfunction) due to this tumor the spinal fluid becomes what they call thick protein that is clogging the tube. So back to the operating room we go. Keep in mind this surgery is not going into the brain, but to drain this fluid and see why this shunt is not working properly. Their guess it's the tumor."

Then, on March, 3, Lyric's mother posted a heartbreaking message that read, "Just got news from Dr that Lyric is Dying and only have days to live…. These are the hardest words to have to hear."


online fight

Scott Baio trends after Twitter fight with Patton Oswalt

Scott Baio and Patton Oswalt found themselves trending on Twitter after a really absurd social media fight. 

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The whole feud began on March 4 when Patton poked fun at a Qanon conspiracy theory that said Donald Trump would be appointed President of the United States that day. Of course, that didn't happen. To capitalize on the foolish theory, Patton tweeted, "Guys, I'm at the DuPont Circle Pinkberry for the #TrumpInauguration. I'm here with four Proud Boys, their moms and Scott Baio. Did we get the address wrong? Help me out, this Minuteman costume is super-itchy."

Scott, a huge Trump supporter, saw the tweet the following day and wasn't going to stand for it. 

"Poor Oswalt needs 2 prescriptions. One for his [Trump Derangement Syndrome] and one for his STD itch," the "Happy Days" actor wrote.

The comedian saw Scott's tweet and retorted back, taking a shot at 1976's "Bugsy Malone," a film Scott starred in. 

"Oh YIKES. I didn't even '@' this guy. Poor sap searches his name on Twitter," Patton wrote. "No one dunk on him, this is really depressing. BUGSY MALONE's still a great movie, right?"

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As one point, Scott also called Patton "fat," "ugly," and a "coward."

Twitter… what a place.

family dynamic

Jon Gosselin's kids didn't reach out while he was 'deathly ill' with COVID-19

Jon Gosselin says his children didn't check in on him while he was hospitalized with COVID-19.


On March 5, the former "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star appeared on "The Dr. Oz Show." During the chat, Jon and Oz spoke about the pandemic and Jon's recovery. At one point, Oz asked, "Did you ever hear from any of the kids that are with Kate or are in college after it was made public that you had COVID, not just had COVID but were deathly ill, could've died?"

"No, I didn't hear from them," Jon replied. "I think Hannah might have told Leah… No, I haven't heard anything from them."

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Jon and Kate Gosselin share eight children: twin daughters, Cara and Madelyn, 20, and 16-year-old sextuplets, Alexis, Aaden, Joel, Leah, Hannah and Collin.

Hannah and Collin live with Jon, but the others are with Kate. Asked why the children didn't reach out, Jon said, "There's just a disconnect."

"Whether it's parent alienation, I can't really reach out to them and there's legalities," he continued. "I can't go to where they move, it would be trespassing."

The former reality TV star then reached out to his six estranged children. 

"I guess my plight to them or what I really want to say is I love you, my door is always open," he said. "You're welcome anytime, there's no regrets or hard feelings or any of those negative things. You can always come see me or come see Hannah and Collin."


Jon's plea comes after a brutal case of COVID-19, during which his fever reached 104.8 degrees. He was close to being put on a ventilator.

"I was in a wheelchair. I had to wait in the ER," he told Oz in January. "It was packed, like the hospital was full, and then they put me on a gurney and put me in the hallway in the waiting room, so I could get a temporary room."

"Then, once they evaluated me and once they drew my blood and did all my bloodwork, all of a sudden I'm getting antibiotics, steroids and a plasma antibody transfusion for Covid," he continued. "It happened really fast."

Court matter

Lisa Marie Presley begs judge to grant her 'single' status

Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce from her ex, Michael Lockwood, back in 2016, but she's still married. She's now asking the court to give her single status.

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According to TMZ, Elvis' daughter says Michael, her fourth husband, refuses to sign off on the dissolvent of marriage, so she's filed legal documents to request bifurcation, meaning she wants a judge to declare her single while the rest of the divorce issues are worked out. 

Lisa Marie, 53, argues that the marriage is done and steadfastly says there's no chance of a reconciliation. In her request, she says she simply wants to "move forward" with her life. 

The drawn-out divorce has been rather nasty. Back in 2018, Michael and his legal team accused Lisa of hiding her assets and her worth. At the time, a judge ordered Lisa to pay her estranged husband $100,000 for his attorney's fees. Lisa, however, argued at the time that she's broke. The same year, Lisa scored a win against her ex when a judge pointed to an "ironclad" post-nuptial agreement they signed in 2007 which stated that she didn't have to pay Michael spousal support.

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At the time of the ruling, Michael testified that he didn't even read the postnuptial agreement before signing it. However, the court felt that his argument didn't hold up because he was getting advice from a lawyer, meaning he understood what was happening.

Media issues

Kim Kardashian says media almost 'broke' her during first pregnancy

After finally viewing the "Framing Britney Spears" documentary, Kim Kardashian says she can relate to the media's treatment of the pop star. In fact, Kim says the whole thing reminds her of being pregnant with her daughter North West back in 2013.

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"The way the media played a big role in her life … can be very traumatizing and it can really break even the strongest person," Kim wrote on her Instagram Story on March 5. "No matter how public someone's life may seem, no one deserves to be treated with such cruelty or judgment for entertainment."

"When I was pregnant with North I was suffering from preeclampsia, which made me swell uncontrollably," she continued. "I gained 60 pounds and delivered almost 6 weeks early and I cried every single day over what was happening to my body, mainly from the pressures of being constantly compared to what society considered a healthy pregnant person should look like — as well as being compared to Shamu the Whale by the media."

Along with her detailed messages, Kim, 40, shared pictures of several mean-spirited magazine covers from that time, many of which came after she attended the 2013 Met Gala with now-estranged husband Kanye West

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Looking back at the tabloid covers, Kim believes that, like Britney, she was unfairly scrutinized. "I was shamed on a weekly basis with cover stories that made my insecurities so painful I couldn't leave the house for months after," she said. "It really broke me."

The mother of four said she decided to turn that negativity into "motivation" but added that "to think this didn't take a toll on me mentally would be a lie."

"I'm sharing this just to say I really hope everyone involved in the business of shaming and bullying someone to the point of breaking them down might reconsider and instead try to show some understanding and compassion," she continued. "You just never fully know what someone is going through behind the scenes and I've learned through my own experiences that it's always better to lead with kindness."

In memory of...

Amanda Kloots somber on 8-month anniversary of husband's COVID death

Amanda Kloots is getting emotional on the eighth anniversary of Nick Cordero's death. 

On Friday, the talk show personality shared an undated image of her and Nick in front of the "Wall of Love" in Paris. She then tugged at the heartstrings in captioning the photo.

"March 5th, Nick has been gone for 8 months today," she wrote on social media. "Oh how I miss you. Every second of every day. How I miss your smile, you grabbing me for a hug, my head on your chest when we sleep. I miss your voice. I miss walking in the house seeing you holding a guitar and working on music. I miss cooking dinner together, having conversations with you over wine. I miss standing by your gorgeous side, all 6'5" of you! I miss holding your hand and kissing your lips. I miss saying, 'I love you.'"

Nick, a Broadway star, died of COVID-19-related complications in July 2020. Prior to his death, his fight with the coronavirus was well-chronicled. Since then, Amanda, who shares 1-year-old son, Elvis, with Nick, has kept her late husband's memory alive in many ways, including using his ashes in a ring and in a ceramic vase.


"How has it been 8 months already?" she asks in her new message. 

"If I could go back in time to last March, I'd hold you so tight everyday knowing it was our last month together," she wrote. "I love you forever and ever."

On March 1, Amanda said she's been "dreading" this month, as it was when everything turned for her husband. In the beginning of March 2020, the couple was happy, having just welcomed Elvis. They had also just made the cross-country move from New York City to Los Angeles. By the end of March 2020, Nick was hooked up to machines in the ICU of the hospital, which is where he'd remain for the rest of his life.

"To be honest, I've been dreading this month since January 1st, it was the start of everything," she said. "So much happened in this month a year ago, for my family, but also for us all. The loss is devastating in so many ways. This pandemic has affected everyone."

"I think a good reminder heading into this time is to be kind to one another. You never know the miles walked in someone else's shoes. The pain, the sorrow, the tears, the struggle- don't assume that you do," she continued. "We do share a lot of ourselves on social media but that doesn't mean you know what they've actually lost and dealt with this year. Love your neighbor as yourself. Support people who need help and show up as a genuine human being."

Weight goals

Tekashi 6ix9ine details weight gain, subsequent 60 lb. weight loss

Tekashi 6ix9ine is opening up about his dramatic weight gain and, perhaps even more dramatic, his weight loss. 


The formerly imprisoned rapper shocked his fans last week when he posted an Instagram in which he looks significantly heavier than he'd ever been. In the series of pics, he also posted images that showed him slimmed down. 

During a new chat with TMZ, 6ix9ine revealed that he weighed 134 pounds when he was released from prison in early April 2020. No longer behind bars, he started eating… a lot.

"I was eating Chinese food every day, twice day on house arrest," he told the website. His weight quickly shot up to 204 pounds by September 2020. 

At the time, Tekashi, who is tremendously active on Instagram, suddenly stopped posting to social media. In fact, for five months his Instagram had no activity. Then, in a Feb. 24 post, he returned and indicated that he stepped away to work on his health.

Now, he's down to 146 pounds

In speaking to TMZ he said his method was simple, albeit not recommended: "Starve yourself and work out."

"People who don't want to lose weight make a whole bunch of excuses. Starve yourself and work out," he said, noting that he cheated on his diet every three days to treat himself to Gushers candy. 

On Instagram, he added, "I told myself to put the music to the side and focus on myself and here I am today 60 pounds lighter at 140 … ALL THIS TO SAY … – IN LIFE everyone needs a break, in the chaos of everything that is going on in your life, tell yourself 'I control what happens in my life' do NOT let anyone tell you that things you want it's not possible, that's FALSE!"

In late December 2019, Tekashi was sentenced to two years prison after pleading guilty to racketeering charges and testifying for the government against his former gang associates.