Entertainment Tonight.

With only three new episodes of "Bones" left -- the season finale airs Thursday May 14 -- there are not a whole lot of episodes left in which Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) can hook-up, but hook-up they will by that date.

"It's not surprising for people to know that it's happening, but the way it happens is surprising, I guess," Emily says. "It's something that everyone has been waiting for, for a long time."

According to Emily, no one wanted the two to jump in bed together until Hart Hanson, the creator of "Bones," found a clever way to put Booth and Brennan together that wouldn't forever taint their working relationship.

"I think he figured out a nice way of doing it that, obviously, affects things in the future, but doesn't completely ruin the chemistry that we have," Emily continues. "I don't think we should have waited too much longer than this to have something happen, but I think he figured a very clever way to do it."

A lot of shows have jumped the shark when the two leading characters finally consummate their relationship, but Emily says that Hart was very careful about the way the Booth-Brennan liaison plays out.

One possible scenario is that Brennan tells Booth that she has changed her mind about having children and that she would like him to be the father of her child. After all, she has seen what a great dad he is with his son.

"I really like the fact that this is a woman who said she did not want children, and you don't see that represented very much in television or film," Emily says. "So I love the fact that that was represented, but I also love the fact that she's a character who changes her mind ... and you'll see there are some twists and turns in that episode that will surprise everyone."

"Bones" airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on FOX.