Entertainment Tonight.The actors who portray secret lovers on the Fox series "Fringe" are revealing a real-life romantic secret.Costars Anna Torv, 29, and Mark Valley, 44, confirm to the Associated Press they were secretly married last December. The two tied the knot in a quiet ceremony after months of dating.ETonline spoke with Valley about his costar wife before the disclosure of their wedding. "Most of my scenes have been with Anna. She's delightful," he says of his wife. "She's my favorite on the show, to be honest with you."He continues, "I think she's just a fantastic actor, and I really like working with her, because she has such a solid idea of what's going on in a scene and what her objective is and what she's going to do. Yes, I've enjoyed working with her."Valley plays an FBI Special Agent and Torv's partner and secret lover on the show. Recently on "Fringe," their relationship took a turn when Valley's character, John Scott, was seemingly killed and exposed as the betrayer of Torv's character, Olivia Dunham.