A look at the 11 teams competing in the 14th season of CBS' "The Amazing Race." ——— Name: Mark Munoz Hometown: Los Angeles Age: 48 Occupation: Stuntman Name: Michael Munoz Hometown: Maui, Hawaii Age: 51 Occupation: Stuntman Relationship: Brothers ——— Name: Tammy Jih Hometown: San Francisco Age: 26 Occupation: Lawyer Name: Victor Jih Hometown: Los Angeles Age: 35 Occupation: Lawyer Relationship: Siblings ——— Name: LaKisha Hoffman Hometown: New York Age: 28 Occupation: Program Coordinator Name: Jennifer Hoffman Hometown: Louisville, Ky. Age: 24 Occupation: Marketing Assistant Relationship: Sisters ——— Name: Christie Volkmer Hometown: Choctaw, Okla. Age: 37 Occupation: Flight Attendant Name: Jodi Wincheski Hometown: Houston Age: 40 Occupation: Flight Attendant Relationship: Flight Attendants ——— Name: Cara Rosenthal Hometown: Boca Raton, Fla. Age: 26 Occupation: Law Student Name: Jaime Edmondson Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Age: 29 Occupation: Former Police Officer Relationship: Former NFL Cheerleaders ——— Name: Brad Hunt Hometown: Columbus, Ohio Age: 52 Occupation: Distribution Dispatcher Name: Victoria Hunt Hometown: Columbus, Ohio Age: 47 Occupation: Tax Manager Relationship: Married ——— Name: Mel White Hometown: Lynchburg, Va. Age: 68 Occupation: Clergyman Name: Mike White Hometown: Santa Monica, Calif. Age: 38 Occupation: Actor-Writer Relationship: Father and Son ——— Name: Linda Cole Hometown: Martinsville, Va. Age: 52 Occupation: Customer Service Supervisor Name: Steve Cole Hometown: Martinsville, Va. Age: 43 Occupation: Carpenter Relationship: Married ——— Name: Jennifer Hopka Hometown: Columbia, S.C. Age: 26 Occupation: Student Name: Preston McCamy Hometown: Columbia, S.C. Age: 28 Occupation: Software Engineer Relationship: Dating ——— Name: Amanda Blackledge Hometown: San Diego Age: 23 Occupation: Student Name: Kris Klicka Hometown: San Diego Age: 24 Occupation: Sales Representative Relationship: Dating ——— Name: Margie Adams Hometown: Denver Age: 51 Occupation: Clinical Research Associate Name: Luke Adams Hometown: Denver Age: 23 Occupation: College Graduate Relationship: Mother and Son