@beverleymitchell / Instagram 1 / 6
@beverleymitchell / Instagram 1 / 6

Beverley Mitchell is in 2nd heaven.

The former "7th Heaven" star and her husband, Michael Cameron, have welcomed their second child, Hutton Michael Cameron. Although Hutton was born on Jan. 28, Beverley decided to share the news via Instagram in the cutest way possible.

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Posting a photo of 22-month-old daughter kissing her new baby brother, the actress wrote, "Kenzie is proud to announce the arrival of her sweet baby brother, Hutton! Thank you for all the love and well wishes!"

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Although she's on cloud nine now, the new mom admits she was nervous when she found out that she was having a baby boy.

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"I've got the girl thing down," she told People last year. "Little boys pee on everything!"