Jon Gosselin is attempting to shut down production of TLC's Kate Plus 8 by denying permission to videotape his eight children, according to reports.

Through his attorney, Mark J. Heller, Jon, 32, has written two letters to TLC lawyers. In the letters andmdash;dated Sept. 29 andmdash; Gosselin demands the network cease and desist production and leave his property, according to The Insider.

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In one of the letters, Jon's attorney writes: "Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon's family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers."

According to Gosselin's lawyer, both Jon and Kate, 34 andmdash; who announced they were ending their 10-year marriage in June andmdash; own the $1.1 million Wernersville, Pa., estate where the show is filmed.

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Jon has joint custody of the kids and is able to make decisions about their welfare, his lawyer says.

"Jon realized his family was like a trainwreck, so he decided to put the brakes on the divorce and on the show ... because if he didn't, the family would be in a mortal accident ... the victims of a trainwreck," his lawyer tells Entertainment Tonight.

His attorney also tells ET the original agreement between TLC and the Gosselin family "may very well be 'null and void' and unenforceable." But he claims that TLC never secured the special permits required by Pennsylvania Child Labor Law as a "prerequisite" for the Gosselin children's involvement in Jon and Kate Plus 8.

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Heller also claims that TLC "failed to designate the appropriate compensation to be allocated to the children" and "it may ultimately be determined that TLC has not provided for compensation for the eight children over the past four years." See Jon's biggest photo faux pas His lawyer further alleges that the network "never secured location permits" for the production company to film the show on the Gosselins' property. See how Jon and Kate spent their summers apart His lawyer says that Jon found out about the show's name change the same way as everyone else andmdash;through The Associated Press. He adds that Jon had been in discussions to take the kids off the show for weeks prior to Tuesday's announcement.

TLC has yet to comment.